New gear!

*edit* Forgot to mention, I’ve got the page links along the top set up / working with brief bio’s and pictures of each gal.. wuwu!

That’s right, finally after a month or two of working on the Claymore series with Silverstep, I’m DONE with Sanctum! Not to mention the fact that the breast plate was actually an upgrade for my girlie. Well, sort of. The one she was wearing was cloth and had FT6 on it, which is handy for raids. However in every day group situations, I’d rather the stats / mitigation of the leather one vs. the cloth. I also finished the next claymore quest after this tunic, which rewarded me with a very nice ring, also an upgrade *cheers*.

Took Stargrace through the Den instance, managed to finish off Grizzfazzle’s quest for her, now she just needs three more levels in order to wear the weapon..*groans* I’m sure it’ll come eventually. I also started a new swashbuckler today, to take up the 6th (and final) character slot I have. Cordanim hasn’t been in game since I’ve moved servers, but hopfully I’ll get to see him around eventually. Making friends is awfully slow *grumbles* I’m still having a blast though! Ricotta’s betrayal is.. on hold.. for the time being, until I’m not quite so grumpy and I feel like working on it. Maybe I’ll just keep her in Haven, I haven’t decided really yet. That’s about all the rambling I’ve time for today, more tomorrow as always!

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