Ok, so in a strictly non-rp sense, yes, I’ve re-activated my eq2 account after what.. a whole week of having it de-activated? It didn’t last long. Those who knew me probably knew that would happen. I’ve done it off and on for years now, it’s nothing new. I grow bored or frustrated for a short while but eventually I always toddle back. I will post an rp note on Silverstep’s ‘return’ in a few days time, I’ve got enough to write about at the moment that I don’t really feel like posting it as of yet, I’d rather save it for one of those days when I’ve nothing at all to say (do those days even happen?! … yes.)

I took Silverstep to do the quest in the Feerrott in the cave of Fears, this screen shot is of her standing in front of the portal to the plane of fear, which is not yet activated of course. The quest was a lot of fun, I mentored a level 13 on the advice of Tipa and it worked out wonderfully. Maj’dul was not agro to me, since I have never done any faction quests there yet (Silverstep is a huge slacker, she may be level 70 and have fabled gear, but she’s only completed around 400 quests total, something I’d like to work on in the future) – though I did strip down and make her do it in her party clothes, simply because she was resisted twice and ended up getting smashed to pieces as a level 13 wandering around. It took about 15 minutes to gather all 100 souls though, and .. well. I was slightly disappointed with the quest reward. Only because I have the exact same item sitting in my house, that I paid for with seafurry buccaneer faction. It’s sold by the merchants on the boat in South Freeport. 10k status and 30s, which is not a great deal I know, but even the colours are exactly the same.

Monkeys, camels, and man alike all fell before my soul-shredder. It was great. I spent my first day back going over my banks, remembering the commands for the game, and watching the spam fly on the level channels. I was going to work on some smaller quests that I’ve had forever but instead just sat around and talked to a few old friends. I did end up leaving the guild I was in also. For a few reasons. #1. There was no one I actually knew in the guild. I wasn’t friends with any of them. Having friends in this game or at least acquaintances is pretty important to me. I’ll admit right now it’s one of the main reasons I play. So when I would log into my guild and see 35 people online, and not a single one says anything like hello, well, it put me off. #2. Far too large. Yes, a guild can be too big. When people have to register for raids, or sit out, then in my opinion perhaps a guild is too large, for a raiding guild that is. I didn’t like the way loot was run, it was fair in the fact that everyone had a chance at something, but if someone just showed up at one random raid where as you’d been to the last 10, it could put some people off. In any case, it was just simply not the place for me any longer. Considering no one said a word to me after I’d left, I doubt it was really that big of a deal. Anyhow, it’s nice to be back.

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