So yesterday morning I decided that I’d put off some quests for far too long with Willamina, my necromancer. In order to play a little catch up to the guild (since I’m still in my 30’s and most people are hitting their 40’s now) I decided to do old quests and start some HQ’s that I’d just neglected. First on my list, learning the giant language. Sounds easy right? Sounds even easier since I was level 37 at the time and the giants I was killing were level 28 heroics, meaning green. Poor poor necromancer tank pet. He sacrificed himself so many times as I /yelled off encounters and ran my wee little short gnome legs to safety. I did manage to complete the quest though. Spawned a named too but he was too hard, double attacking me for 900 pts of dmg a round. Ouchies.

Talked to Obsid a few times, he lost his bear. *sighs* He’s a GIANT you’d think he’d be able to see the wee little bear from miles around. So I set off after him. Found him with no troubles at all (thank you eq2 maps!) and after hailing him, waves of wolves spawn. Level 28 heroics. Not *too* difficult to kill– the hard part, is that they agro Tarby first. In fact, the first round I guess my pet didn’t snag agro fast enough, they agro’d tarby and tarby fought back and died. Woopsie. I won’t tell Obsid if you don’t.

So I waited 20 minutes for the bear to re-pop and again the wolves spawned and Tarby fought and grey’d them out, so I killed them and got no exp……. thank you bear. KS’er! Two more rounds later and tarby decided he wanted to ride in my backpack back to Obsid. Lazy little thing! How he fit into my gnome-sized bag with my cog bits and flupperzoowigs I’ve no idea, but man was he heavy.

Obsid gave me the beginner to the PGT as a reward. First thing I need to do for it is mine. Ugh. My mining sitting at 60 when I need it at 90 for Thundering Steppes, so I called it a day for that quest and decided to run around the commonlands completing smaller things I’d never done before.

Got a guild group later on in the day and finished Haedens earring, Willamina can finally breath under water…. ! Oh.. wait… that’s right, necromancers can summon stones to do that… I’d *completely* forgotten that fact as I ran around drowning. Go me. It was still nice, guild dinged level 14.

On a side note. I applied to the eq2 volunteer guide program last week.. and was accepted. There are some rules about what I can post / talk about and what I can’t though, so while I can say I’m an apprentice guide, I can’t reveal server or character name and what not. I’m really looking forward to the over all experience!

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