I’ve been having a whole lot of fun playing the Necromancer lately, it’s a class I played around with just a little bit in Eq1 (I have a 70 rogue, enchanter, and cleric in eq1 and a handful of other smaller babies) and never really had an opportunity to play in eq2. I’ve typically played a healer of some sort, my templar being my main for the longest time until I decided to start over and made the warden (never looked back as far as healers go once I’d made the warden, what a wonderful class, it’s a shame that a *lot* of people re-rolled their templars / plate clerics into druids / mystics and now there seems to be a shortage, at least on the servers I’ve played on). Anyhow.

In my guild it’s typically just me for a portion of the day, and then people log in a little later on, not a bad thing per say, gives me a lot of time to do what I’d like to do, which I enjoy. It’s not often that I stick my lfg flag on, fear of pugs what can I say. But I like the atmosphere of najena, and there are always a lot of people around. So eagerly I sent a tell to a tank looking for dps in runneyeye, and for the next hour we mashed away at things and Willamina finally reached level 39. Slowly catching up to people! It was a great group, there were plenty of times I didn’t think we would make it because they were sort of uh… well… a little high on themselves. We added a swashbuckler to the group after one of our tanks had to leave, and they claimed to have just spent 10p on gear. Not only that, they said cloth gear had the best stats for them, so they’d spent 10p on cloth gear. .. . Then they came to the zone and on their way they fell off a bridge and got squished *snickers*. I told them that for 10p that gear should instantly port them to our zone. I don’t even think my level 70 main has 10p worth of gear on her, granted a lot of it is quested and looted from raids so maybe that’s why. On masters, sure.. but gear? Meh. Anyhow, it was a lot of fun, until we of course bit off a bit more then we could chew, the illusionist decided not to mez the 4 groups we had on us, healers ganked with heal agro and in a matter of moments we were all looking at the pretty revive boxes. Called it a day from there.

Spent the night crafting, carpenter slowly crawled her way to level 24. It’s a painful process when you only get 3 recipes every level. Though now she’s gotten a few more and I’m trying to make it stretch. Willamina dinged 33 sage. I have tried to keep her adventure level on par with her tradeskill level but it doesn’t work. It’s just so much easier to quest / exp once you’re out of vitality still making it worth while as opposed to crafting, which is mind numbing even before you run out of vitality and just bang-your-head-on-the-desk-stupid when you’re out. Made some furniture boxes with 48 slots (just fir, bigger then my 36 slot boxes so it all works) in order to put some of Ixiana’s stuff for sale, it doesn’t sell fast, but it does sell, and that’s why Silverstep has a 5 room house after all, to sell all those goodies.

Speaking of selling. I really wish they’d let us set up multiple toons with markets and not just one. It’s a pain for me to have to switch around all my loot from all my characters every day just to be able to sell stuff from a ‘main’. I’m sure they have their reasons of course, doesn’t mean I can’t complain though!

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