Above is a picture of dear Willamina, that’s right, the crafty little gnome has been spotted pretending to wander around Freeport as a darkelf! A badly dyed blond haired one at that!

What a busy day yesterday. Seemed to be that way all around for everyone. With only two steps left to the strange black rock, the guild quickly killed varsoon and the scholar, with help from an honorary member Ceeyia. After that we decided to start (finish) the reaching blade of the assassin, which is another fast and fun heritage quest that doesn’t take too much work when you’re in your 40’s with a group of people who work fairly well together. After a brief break for dinner / food and bathroom breaks, we decided Everling had evaded us for far too long, and it was time to take him down a peg or two also. A few group members (myself included) needed the chapel Billy (who doesn’t love billy!) and we stood away from the nek castle zone in so that the scout could just zone in and out until we managed to hit an instance where he was already up. We’d already camped his sorry little moppet butt for an evening before, and no one was interested in trying that again. Killed the sisters for loot (hey, when did they revamp?!) and came away with my guise of the deceiver . The guild dinged 15, and half way through. Willamina also had a nice static exp group earlier on in the day, and managed to land level 40.. and not only 40, after all those heritage quests she managed level 41 by the end of the night, and 8ap. I’m quite pleased with her progress. Even though I really am taking my time with her and trying to enjoy things.

She got a new robe in nek, pretties are always fun. I think everyone had a good time as well, which is always a nice bonus. I almost managed to clear my quest journal enough to have room for 20 more.. but.. as always happens I ended up snatching more quests and I’m now at room for 15 I think. It was still a fairly productive night.

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