Silverstep in the Deathfist Arena, fighting before Emperor Fyst

Looking through Silverstep’s quest journal last night, I realized I was probably just as bad as Cordanim with some of the heritage quests I’ve yet to complete at level 70. Since I originally made the character as part of a trio and we were far more concerned with getting levels and exp then questing, she’s missed out on a lot. I’ve never done any faction quests or ring of fate quests at all in maj;dul even though I’ve completed the Godking weapon. I never did any of the To Speak as a Dragon chain of quests besides the very first few that are required later for Claymore. She’s sitting at 430 quests completed or so. Majority of those are book collection quests to satisfy her cravings (yes I realize characters don’t have cravings, I’m talking from an rp sense here no need to tell me I’m crazy, I’m well aware of that factor!).

So while I spent the day as Stargrace, mentored down to level 41 to complete the pre-quests for rescue of the green hoods, and also completed the six trials needed for training is a shield , I decided that I’d take Silverstep out and dust her off, and solo those two quests. Good practice for when the guild goes and does it as the Deathfist citadel script can be a huge pain to run through if you’re not sure what to do. Fyst himself at the end is a level 42 epicx2 (who does not hit like an epicx2, but has the hitpoints of one).

I haven’t been to this zone since I played Qutey, my halfling templar waaayy back when. Back when the game had just come out and I actually spent a lot of time doing everything there was to do, groups were in abundance and twinks were unheard of. So it brought back a lot of memories. A lot of painful memories. There are adds, and mobs EVERYWHERE in this zone. It’ll be pretty interesting to see how the guild handles this zone when everything is coloured. At the time I completed it with Qutey, I swore never ever to go back unless I was level 52+ and the entire thing was gray. I did complete both HQ’s though, and got some guild status. Almost level 16.

I also felt a little nostalgic about having tossed Ricotta the dirge aside for so long. She really is a lot of fun to play. I farmed the night before and for once, had incredible luck, coming away with 13 rares! Two of them feysteel! I had two imbued level 32 dirge weapons made, a short sword and a dagger which she’s now wearing with pride. Dinged her to 33 without ever having left NQ. One of the joys of collection quests and having a level 70 main heh. Pleanty of money to twink out the little ones. Granted I spent about 3p more then I would have liked to spent.. but this is a game where I can spend my money unwisely and have very little repercussions. I watch money enough in real life who wants to do it in a video game.

So those were my past few nights. Today, I’m hoping to get Stargrace caught up in some of the easier HQ. Level 64 coercer and she’s only completed 9/26 HQ’s thus far….. feel free to call me a slacker, I know I am *grins*.

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