Stargrace hanging out in nektulos Castle, completing A missing Mask, and Hadden’s Earring

I’ve been on a heritage quest spree lately, helping to level both the guild and my own personal status numbers a little bit, so that maybe when the new expansion comes out in November, I can attempt to purchase a new mount. That, and Silverstep still owes a whole lotta rent on her 5-room house. So I took the coercer out to do her share. She’s completed 11 total now out of the 26. Eww. There’s a lot I’m leary of doing with her since she can’t exactly take the brunt of the hits from everyone.

Camped agony on Silverstep yesterday, which is the quest starter to screaming mace. Decided I’d had enough of hq’s though and just left it at that. I’m anxious for them to implement the tradeskill writs again, even though I’m not certain they’ll be as good as what I’m expecting (I’d prefer no timer on them and able to do a whole lot without too many restraints) – my main reason for wanting this is that I spent three hours tradeskilling with the 50 woodworker yesterday, and she only gets two new recipes a level. It’s becoming very painful on both resources and just plain… boring. Fuel is 23s each. It takes 10 fuel to make one item. I get 1.5% exp with full vitality. That’s a whole lot of crafted stuff to make just for one single level. I hate it even more then I hate leveling up a tailor and I hate that pretty bad. I’m hoping the writs will at least give me some more incentive into crafting with the lesser-liked tradeskillers. Stargrace has it easy, she’s already a level 70 provisioner, now if I could only get her adventure level to match. It’s hard to find a group for the coercer though. She’s not exactly dps, nor is she a healer, or a tank. Which means she’s utility to groups who already have all of the essential classes. It happens, after about 5 hours of looking for a group. Yes, I can take her to solo as well. Can only do that so often or for so long though before one is tired of it too.

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