Silverstep, squishing Gurgrog the Carver, Champion of War

Yesterday two new quests were added to the game, live events in preparation of the gods returning to Norrath. The quests were divided by city again, Qeynos being able to do the one for Tranquility, located on the docks in Zek, and the Freeportians heading off to do the bidding of the god of war, along the back of Zek by DFC. Both quests rewarded house items, though I must say my Freeportian warden is feeling slightly neglected prize-wise, so I ran Ricotta (my only good aligned character) to Silverstep’s home, and dropped off her two items there to add to the growing collection of nick nacks and other random items.

The Qeynos quest was difficult, you get zoned into a version of DFC and are allowed 5 items to take with you. You’re sent to rescue 5 monks, using NO violence at all. The items are handy, things such as 30 seconds of an orc illusion, 60 seconds of run speed increase, an aoe mez, an aoe stun, things like that. The first time I died, badly. There are see invis mobs on your way, so you really have no choice but to use some of these items from the outset unless you are one of those lucky classes who can already feign death on your own. You run to the jail in DFC, have to click a few levers, and open some cages, then port the monks back to their home safely, again with no violence whatso ever even though the orcs seem to have no such restriction.

Reward is a pool that is a house item, buffs your power by 438. I love it. Or rather, Silverstep loves it.

The Freeport quest was much easier. You zone into a version of DFC and are told to defeat arena champions. It takes me back to my splitpaw days except it’s much much easier. The final mob is a level above me and pictured above. Reward, is a gong that can be placed in your house, and increases your attack speed by 10%. Sort of usless for my priest. Since I do spend so much time collecting house items for her though, it’s sitting by her weapon wall. I also took Ricotta and did the valor quest in the commonlands. I have to say. I hate beetles. You have to save some and even if they crawl right under your feet and you’re not moving at all, you are proclaimed to be a murderer. Ricotta didn’t like that at all. Reward, a very nice looking spear that can be placed on your wall, and gives a 438 hp buff. Also not sitting in Silverstep’s house.

Hopefully later today I’ll manage to completed the screaming mace. I’ve also got to pick up Ghoulsbane, and the Bone Bladed Claymore. Then Silverstep will only have two more heritage quests to complete, the ancient desert power, and the wurmslayer. I’ve been having some fun with the new tradeskill writs that were added back to the game. However. I hate the timed ones. They do seem to pass my levels quickly though. Problem is I’m a level 52 woodworker with Silverstep, and she needs *SO* many supplies, that can only be farmed in Sinking Sands, or Pillars of Flame. There are no other zones for T6 nodes. They are also CRAMMED with people farming, bots doing their bot thing, everyone and their cat and dog happens to be there. It’s frustrating when all I want to do is get out of this tier of tradeskilling.

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