A huge congratulations to Second Dawn, for this game wide first last night. I know they worked really hard for it. One of my friends afterwards came up to me and said ‘don’t you feel stupid for refusing to join their guild now’, and I had to laugh, because no, of course I don’t. Their heavy raiding schedule leaves me with no time to do what I’d want when I want in game, which is uh, a huge reason why I play. Freedom and all that good stuff. Sure, I enjoy raiding, but it’s not why I play this game.

Worked on a lot of little random stuff last night. I managed to get the carpenter to 28, almost 29 before I crashed and fell asleep. The sage got 37, the dirge got level 35. Spent a good portion of the evening farming, only managed one rare though, stingy nodes! I hate the new crafting method and the amount of raws I go through just to reach a single level. Especially since all 6 of my characters are all tradeskilling. It makes it seem like I spend most of my time collecting goods to craft with. Well, ok so I enjoy that, but I think I use about 400 raws each level. Painful.

On a little side note, another good friend of mine moved back over to Najena, and I’m pleased as punch about that. I rationalized my own move and the costs involved this way, which is what I told her as well as far as the money involved in moving characters. Eq2 is my main form of entertainment. I don’t tend to go out all that often, I’m not big on tv or movies. So spending $50 per character to move them over to a server I would enjoy more, is worth it and even understandable if it means that I will be happier playing this game. It would be like heading out to a bar for an evening, or catching a movie and dinner. Perhaps that’s a weird analogy to some people but it seemed to make sense to me heh.

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