I’ve been going through my quest journal, and realized that I couldn’t remember the last time I was in the drafling tower, located in Rivervale (which is off of Enchanted lands if you’ve never been there before). A few GU’s ago (game updates) they removed access to multiple zones much to my disappointment. The drafling tower was one such zone that used to require access through a quest, and now no longer does. However, you can still do the access quest and come away with a pretty nice neck / wrist item.

I had the quest in my journal since before they removed access, I think I needed it for a few heritage quests and then just simply never got around to it (which happens quite often unfortunately) – the quest starts with Bindo Halfbottom at the Fool’s Gold in Rivervale (-80, -15, -22), you must be level 30 before he’ll give you the quest.

He sends you to rescue Treedin Merrythorn in the enchanted lands, the old mill. He’s surrounded by some goblins and you’ve got to kill them to get the quest update. He’ll run back to Rivervale, and you head back to Bindo. Then Bindo wants you to go talk to Treedin, who can be found at -101.04,-24.95,-89.45.

Treedin is pretty lazy. Arn’t all halflings? He wants you to search the House of Circles for some clues into this drafling. Some mobs spawn while you’re on your way but you don’t have to kill them. Once inside, there are 3 interactable books and one will trigger an npc book you get to talk to for another update.

The history of the Drafling asks you to kill three named, Alegos the Betrayer, Xelindros the Fearbringer, and Demeroth the Gnawer, all located in Rivervale. The last one is a level 37 epicx2, though the quest never gives mention to that fact, it’s not flagged as epic. They’re all pretty close to the House of Circles, and were up when I went to kill them. In fact, most of Rivervale was very quiet. A common trait I’m sure.

Treedin decides he needs some time to read over materials, and again, even more lazy, he sends you to Antonica to speak to Mister Jumtum, located at -1454,-14,+13. He tells you the entire book is a fake, and not to believe a word of it. He gives you a copy of it and sends you back to Treedin, who says he’ll meet you at the entrance of the tower. Head to the zone in, and hail for your final update, as well as your reward.

So I completed the quest and took a look through my journals.. Wow.. bixie lore and legend is still there. Decided it was well past time I worked on that. There are a few smaller quests inside the zone, mainly just to kill 2 particular types of mobs. The rewards are 1g-4g each quest, and for very little effort. The zone is small and fairly fast, I had a lot of fun just running through it. I still haven’t gotten my bixie updates, and I think the corks that drop used to spawn the Queen at the end are chest drops only which suck for anyone who grays out the zone, but all in all still very enjoyable with a very cute story behind it.

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