Last night the guild decided to do a trash run of Deathtoll of all zones, for relic. I figured hey, sounds good to me. I expected to be going on my warden, since she’s level 70. But, the guild said no, go ahead and bring your level 65 coercer instead. I was excited and happy as hell. Even though almost every guild I join SAYS they want the coercer, in most cases they ended up asking me to play the warden instead. Whether it’s because I’m just a good healer, or because they were short, or because of the level of the coercer, it is really nice to have finally been able to do a raid on the coercer. We also killed the contested gold dragon in pillars of flame before that, and Stargrace landed herself some nice fabled shoulders, with pretty good resists. An upgrade for sure.

Today, I was doing some TT quests, just the solo ones where you run around killing 4-8 of one particular mob. Turn it in to mr. froggy in behind a pillar, and you get approx. 10g and some faction with the Lost Children of Marr (the Frogloks). My faction, as you can see by the image above, is max’d with them, lol. I don’t even have max faction with my home town of Freeport, or any other faction for that matter, besides the froggies. Maybe they’re easy for the coercer to manipulate? Left over feelings (the coercer is a wood elf who betrayed quite some time ago) from her Qeynos days? I found it amusing in any case. So I spent the morning running around completing enough of the quests to boost up her funds incase she’s going to be raiding more, need to be able to afford those repair bills. Granted they’re not as bad as they used to be, it costs about 25g for the coercer to repair, and slightly more for the warden (repair from naked that is). I would have liked to mentor someone for the ap experience, but I’ve done those quests so many times now. I have a few more (9) new quests from the frogs in my journals (and room for 3 more quests, eek time to start clearing some!) so I’ll be looking to get those done and out of the way shortly.

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