Stargrace killing glare lords in the Feerrott, clearing some of those green quests

I managed to get Stargrace to 66 finally yesterday, landed myself in an SoS group for about 20% exp who happened to be working on claymore. In fact, they were on my exact step, talk about luck. Finished one full quest with them and a good portion of the next one. Unfortunately it also requires me to speak druzaic (dragon language) which I do not yet speak. I have the starter for To speak as a dragon from the Maidens Gulch raid, but I’ve yet to progress any further with it. I’m supposed to visit Nagafen now, in Solusek Eye. The problem is that to get to them, you have to enter an instance, and if you’ve never entered it before you have to do an event– unless you bring someone with you who has done it. Stargrace has never done it before, so I’ve got to hunt down someone to come with me or try to do the event alone.

I’m really loving those frogs lately. I did all of the basket quests that I could in Tangle, and then jumped down to Hidden Refuge and discovered that there were 9 more repeatable quests that had me killing / gathering random items in that zone. Fairly easy, getting a little exp from the green mobs + 2% for every completed quest, as well as coin and items that will come in handy as I solo (like +3 defense for 10 minutes, items that heal, items that have wards, items that give +700 resists to certain types etc). I managed to actually ding off of these quests, and one I found in Temple of the Scale that I could solo invis. There’s an npc right at the entrance, he asks you to go get him some water, even though it’s a contested raid zone, you can invis through the first few rooms that are heroics, and in the very first room, is a click-able water bowl, that doesn’t break your invis. Went back to him, did the turn in, and ta da, 5% exp plus some 5 hour water with nice regen and stats on it. Not bad. It’s nice to have a master1 of my new single target mez, next level I get the master1 of my AoE encounter mez *drools*.

A lot of guilds are having issues with people not logging in for raids. Especially if they’ve been raiding for a while now and the content is starting to become a little dull. However, my guild has the complete opposite issue. We are not a large guild, there are 66 unique accounts, a few of course who no longer play or who play rarely or are boxed accounts. Every raid night, we have about 25-30 people log in, more often then not 30. Raids are limited in EQ2 by sizes of 24. Which actually really sucks. We’ve had to sit people out every raid night since I joined, and I think that’s a shame. Since I am an initiate, it was my turn to sit out last night. We had pleanty of healers, as well as enchanters, and I didn’t need the updates, so members / raiders take priority. Though I did still get dkp since I was on stand by. Unfortunately the guild didn’t take down the mob they were after (dragon in AoAx4), but maybe they will next time at least. It was a pretty boring night while I watched from the side lines, read a book and did other stuff to keep myself entertained. No one enjoys sitting out, but it happens. I’d much rather be forced to sit out, and have too many people attending our raids, then not having enough and have to cancel them all together.

Still trying to find my niche in the guild, I don’t know many people and there seem to be a lot of cliques. They’re very friendly though, talkative, and helpful. Slowly making my self at home, and getting comfortable. Another week of being an initiate, and I can be a recruit, then I come up for vote as a member I do believe. Not too shabby.

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