Stargrace killing one of the sages in a sub quest for Damsel in Distress

I like to do quests, most of the time. There are always some out there that prove to be exceptionally difficult for me, especially if they require groups and I’m not particularly in the mood to group, or they have goals that are just not obtainable. But I still quest. I decided as I was slowly leveling the coercer and waiting on a group, that I would start (finally) the peacock series of quests, for the Godking weapon, since apparently my guild will be killing him in a few weeks for people who still need those quests updated. It’s an epic raid for the final fight.

This quest is a long chain of 18 other quests, they start with an npc by the golden scepter, a quest called a damsel in distress. I’ve done the complete chain of quests on Silverstep already. In fact I did it at level 55 when the entire thing still warded a lot of exp and I did it in two days with a lot of help from friends. Doing it again with the coercer, is not that much fun, though it’s (so far) entirely gray to me, so it’s not difficult.

I’d much rather do this chain of quests, then do the claymore chain which is proving to be even more annoying. Whether this is because I currently have not only one, or two, but three of my characters doing this chain of 24 quests I’m not sure, but I need a break from it for a bit. My warden has been on PoA a star to unlock for quite some time. It’s a typical quest to hear people shouting for groups to complete. The coercer is in SoS still, a zone I now hate with a passion unmatched. The templar has just started the chain which means she has yet to enter SoS. Anyone who’s worked these quests to any extent understands my pain.

With the coercer at 68 I managed to snag a spot in our Deathtoll raid last night, we did awsome. One wipe on the corpuscle mob that splits at 54% into two mobs that you have to keep separated for the duration of the fight, and then also on Tarinax. Which I did not expect us to take down anyhow, but we did very well. Lots of pretties dropped, nothing that I felt like bidding my hard earned dkp on though. I’m saving for some pants a hat or a dress, any of those pieces would be nice upgrades to the coercer. Tonight is Lyceum, a zone that I don’t mind too much as long as we have a steady raid force with the healers on their toes as the MT gets some nasty trama dots that need to be cured right away. My only issue is that the fights last far too long, we need more dps, but it’s hard to drop anyone from the raid. We need our 8 healers typically and can’t afford to spare them. We have a surplus of warriors every raid unfortunately. We have dirges and 3 enchanters who are not exactly the best of dps’ers, and we could certainly use more. Constant raiders at that. We had no necromancers or conjurers who raided last night with us, and we could have really used their dps.

Other then that though, it was a great night. I like feeling as though we learned something in our encounters. I think it’s wonderful that we still have about 30 members logging on each raid night, it means we have to sit some out, however I’d rather that happen then be struggling to obtain a full raid.

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  1. Hello :),

    I presently raid with the euroraid folks on Lucan D’Lere. I’m looking for additional folks to raid with if you are still needing dps now and then.

    Best Regards,

    Illyria of Tunare
    70 wizzie on Lucan D’Lere

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