I finally managed it, my coercer Stargrace hit 70 this morning. So I now have the 70 warden and the 70 coercer, and eventually, maybe my templar necromancer or dirge will make it up there too. I spent the better part of the evening combing through the KoS zones for solo quests that I had not yet completed, then after I’d completed as much as I could I charmed those handy dandy corpse candles. Those things are awsome and any coercers best friend who is trying to solo. It’d have been even better if I had a master of my charm spell, but alas it eludes me and when it does get sold I’m sure it’ll be for a *lot* of money. It’s a level 62 spell.

So what’s in store now that I’ve finally hit 70 with my new “main” ? Hopfully, some time for fun stuff. Quests that I’d bypassed and wish I had the time to do, book quests, working the crafters, playing my templar for fun. Until the expansion comes out at least. Thankfully I’ll have time to enjoy my level, no cap raise (which is good and bad). Peacock and guild raids and all that wonderful stuff.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been slightly drained. More should be upcoming though!

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