Yesterday Faydai (rp story to follow shortly) took a trip to Lavastorm and Antonica to check out the new live events. I must say, I was pretty impressed. Walking along the beaches of Lavastorm, she came across these two fire dancers, twirling their flaming batons, she offered them some sort of gnomish device that would enable the flames to climb higher but not burn them, they sort of eyed her in fear and went back to their twirling. Who could really blame them.

The prophet for the burning prince himself, sent her on a mission to prove her faith. Teleported into a room she was forced to burn her arm in order to sacrifice her flesh and build a bridge that would not be complete until each flame had tasted. It was a fairly simple quest once I figured out which order the torches were in, and that there were 9 to light and not 8 as I had thought previously. Learned that the hard way first of course by falling into the lava below. The hand of ro was the reward, a house item that buffs against heat for an hour. Not exactly the most useful of buffs, but you know me, house items are always huge winners.

The quest for the duke of below was slightly more involved. Finding Bronlor Stormhammer in Antonica outside of BlackBurrow warranted in me going around talking to various tribes and figuring out what each needed. I was first asked to slay canines for food, then sent to trail after someone in the underground. They gave me this little sniffer dog but he was not exactly good at his job and I had to (often) lead him back to the tracks.

It was still a lot of fun none the less. The reward (after the earthquakes had settled, no matter how many times I should expect them and know they’re coming they still cause me to jump!) is a pick axe that can be mounted onto your wall and gives you a buff for tradeskilling. Pretty fun all in all.

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