Managed to do the MoA quest from start to the 3rd trial on my templar, she’s only level 63 (she was level 61 when I started the quest) and can’t quite do the solo trial of spirit yet. The level 69 ^ hurt even with the super buff you get. They whomp her quite hard. I figure another two levels and she’ll be able to complete it, then it’s just a matter of doing the x4 raid for her new neck item. I’m hoping to get two more levels playing around in TT and BS, BM is a little too tough to solo. Templar dps is just how I remember it, pretty much non-existent.

I watched Strike attempt the Matron, she looks painful. Orange mobs (at level 70) typically are. They managed to get her down to 41% though before wiping, and made a few attempts. It was a fairly uneventful evening. Still need to start Claymore with the templar, and continue it with the fury and coercer. Needless to say I’m not exactly looking forward to it. Once the templar hits 70 I’ll contemplate getting her Godking weapon done as well maybe, she’s on the feast portion in living tombs, a quest I’ve always dreaded.

Short term goal: Get the templar to 70 before EoF comes out. Why? Well, just simply because it would be nice to have the 70 fury / coercer / templar as options, then I can work the necromancer in my spare time. I’ve been reading up on the expansion from some walk throughs and interviews and it looks pretty good thus far. Of course it’s something I’ll actually have to see before I can judge.

Defiance and Dark Prophecy ended up merging together, something I didn’t ever think I’d see happen. It’s interesting I suppose. I don’t know how some of them stand it. Some members have opted to leave for other guilds, not that I blame them. There was a reason I didn’t stick around for very long when I first joined about 6 months ago.

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