The idol of the Soaring, quest reward from FD

I know, I’ve been slacking. I keep meaning to post and then get side tracked by something else, it’s just simply the way it goes. So this post will update what I’ve been up to concerning the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack, and then hopefully tomorrow’s post will be a general update and an rp one soon to follow. Busy busy busy! First thing first. The picture above is a bird head, hard to tell from the screen shot though. When you click it, this apparition shows up and does these weird hand gestures in lights around it. It looks really cool and also gives a chunk of status reduction (not needed quite so much since I’ve moved to a 3 room instead of a 5 room). The item is from completing a quest called ‘The Master of the Fluttering Wing’ which is a quest on the 3rd floor of the tower of wind. Which means it’s part of an annoying (but fun!) chain of quests, as there are two per floor and they each need to be completed before you gain access to the next floor. The quest is completed in a two group raid instance called Xux’laios’ Roost and wow was it fun. The zone itself is quite small, with a chance of a few named showing up if you get lucky when you zone in. The fight is pretty much all about the dps. Xux’laios teleports your raid to them if you click on his door, so it’s best to click and rush, then wall him. He has a huge knock back that flings you all over, and during the fight spawns sets of adds. The key to winning the fight is to dps him down before the 4-5th wave of mobs spawn because they’re orange epics and pretty much impossible to beat (at least for my guild currently). Anyone who knows me or reads this site knows I’m a sucker for house items, so this was a great fantastic quest and I’m glad I got it taken care of finally.

Quest reward and access to Chel’Drak

I also managed to complete the quest “The Rift”, which is another one of those tower quests. It sends you to Nizara, a zone within the Forsaken City, to first learn about the rift by examining four books within the zone, and then by defeating the final foe (who is orange, and hurts might I add, even if they’re not epic). Nizara is one of my new favorite zones, though I go there rarely and it’s *hard* in fact I’d say one of the hardest zones in the game, aside from raids. If you’re not raid geared, then my advice would be to bring LOTS of repair kits. You also have to be selective on who you bring in, this zone NEEDS two healers, and an enchanter. A great deal of named cover the zone, it took about 3-4 hours to clear through it. There is one epicx4 that can be single grouped but it’s a long slow fight with random teleportations during it, and there is also 1-2 epicx2’s who can also be one grouped. The loot in the zone (if you get a good run) is comparable to raid loot, I managed to pick up some pretties for my templar alt since leather has a habit of not dropping. It’s so hard to get a good solid group for this zone that unless you play with a static bunch of people who you constantly group with, or have one of those amazing guilds, few people ever see inside of it, let alone complete it. I really had a blast though. The reward is an item that grants raid access to Chel’Drak, who is on the kill list for today. Or the attempt to kill list at least we’ll have to see how it goes.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately, I absolutely loved this adventure pack, a lot of depth to it, starts off with numerous solo quests and one group quests and then quickly advances into top end raids so there really is some content for everyone. Plus like I said, who wouldn’t want house items?!

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