There are a few things I’d really like to acomplish and get done before EoF comes out, while people are still actually working on these quests. One of them, is of course my deathtoll access quest. I need two more of the named dragons, and then I’ll finally have that done and out of the way. Harla’Dar, which I’ve actually killed before and was just simply not on that part, and Gorenaire, which I’ve actually never killed before nor even seen. Hopfully the guild will be knocking those off in the next three weeks, I’m fairly sure we will, and if not, ah well I at least tried. The quest is part of another chain (go figure, it seems everything is a chain these days) given by Arbiter Selek who hangs out in Bonemire on a little island that you need to drop down to as you fly on a cloud over head. I can’t begin to describe the number of times I’ve missed this little island. There’s also no way off of it unless you gate or can evac out.

Claymore. Another huge chain of quests. I am on quest #24, which is an Audience with Aaryonar part of the palace of the awakened chain of quests. I have 7 more quests to go, and then my claymore will be completed. Since the guild is taking down Tarinax regularly every week I’m kicking myself for not being further along in the series. After this quest (which rewards some very nice leather shoulders might I add) it is a x2 raid that I need, hopfully the guild will schedule one later this week.

I also got some relic boots (finally) and am done away with the player crafted ones that I’ve worn for so long. My first pair of fury relic. Slightly disappointed that they don’t have any wisdom on them, but hey still very nice resists, very nice mitigation, and int which of course is great for me since I nuke quite frequently. So Claymore and DT access are on my new “to do” list, at the same time I’m trying to acomplish some book quests and updates that I can save for EoF, so that I can get some aa experience right off the bat. Other then that, game is going wonderful. I managed to watch Marauders take down Vyemm for their first time, with my coercer, I came to replenish them with some repair kits. Strike also took down the Matron, congradulations to them on the mythical. Expect an rp post for tomorrow’s update!

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