Silverstep, on top of a giant dragon snout in Nizara

Ok so I know I said I had hopped to post an rp note next, unfortunately that didn’t quite work out, and then I slacked on the posts all week, so hey, any post at all at this point is better then none, right?

Did Nizara again this week with some guildies, I absolutely love the zone even though you *really* need a superb group of people to go do it. The last mob is orange and hurts, takes lots of skill to be able to defeat her not to mention the x4 in the zone as well as the x2 epics that hang out. Then there’s the flame claw that no one enjoys and is on mobs in abundance. The loot this round was slightly disappointing, I did get the sword that dropped from the final named which has a nice 500 point heat proc 15% chance when I cast a hostile spell. I’m fastly learning that I love proc gear. More so on my coercer then my fury, but on my fury as well.

I also did nektulos castle 3.0. I adore that zone as well, it’s not very long, and you don’t need an incredible group to get things done, just a competent one. Nothing really useful dropped there but we did get a master (level 70) even if no one could use it.

Claymore. I am *almost* done! I’ve done pretty much nothing but claymore all week, after slacking on it for months now. I need to collect some tomes in Labs, and then all I’ve got left is Deathtoll, labs raid is tonight and Deathtoll tomorrow, so hopfully, fingers crossed, I will be DONE my claymore as of tomorrow night! Exceptionally excited about that, mark it off of my list of things to do before EoF. I only need one more dragon for Deathtoll access as well. I know some people who have had this stuff done for months now, but I admit, I don’t feel badly about waiting at all. It’s given me something to do while most people are utterly bored until the expansion hits. At least I’ll get it done before EoF hits and we’re pre-occupied doing other zones and other instances.

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