Torrent Knights, Gathered around the body of Slain foe, Chel’Drak

I have to say. This has been one of the most absolutely amazing weekends I’ve ever had game-wise in EQ2. Wow. Where to even start. The guild began our night by attempting to take down Chel’Drak, which is a named mob in the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack, in a raid instance that you gain access to by completing a chain of quests (as always) as well as a x2 zone, Roost. He’s an orange epicx4 with a unique tactic that has to be used to kill him, as he spawns verious types of adds and he also has two types of aoe’s that go off, one of them proximity based. This is certianly no easy fight I could not be prouder of our raid force.

Not only did we kill Chel’Drak (on our last attempt for the day none the less) but I won one of his loots, a pair of very nice priest boots, server discovery.

Looted boots from Chel’Drak, to keep Silverstep’s feet warm

Once we downed Chel’Drak it was a breeze through Labs, granted I did die three times, but we decided to get playful and were not really seriously attempting to take down Vyemm the first few pulls. Then we buckled down. I needed Labs for claymore updates, tomes within the zone in fact. Managed to complete it! Which means, today I should be getting my Qeynos Claymore. FINALLY. Apparently the guild is also going to kill Gorenaire today, which means I’ll have completed my DT access quest as well as my Claymore in the same weekend that we took down Chel’Drak. Talk about incredible. I was excited and happy and chattered with friends, it was great. Marauders took down Vyemm for their second weekend in a row, and I was exceptionally proud to hear that. I also got a fancy new ring from completing the Fallen Dynasty quest lines, with a 5% reduced re-cast time on all my spells as an effect. For those spells that take three minutes to refresh it knocks 10 seconds off the re-cast timer, which is better then nothing, not to mention the ring is actually pretty nice. Hopfully tomorrow’s post will have some claymore screen shots!

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