Not that much is new this week, thankfully. I’ve been taking it easy after grinding out claymore and deathtoll access last week. This week? I crafted a bit, and did some farming of Poets Palace. I’m trying to get my level 55+ spells (masters) to drop, to no avail. I’ve seen the same dirge master drop twice now (which I sold for 10p each time) as well as the level 58 guardian offensive stance (which I’m holding onto until I can check with guild leader / friends to see if they need it first), and a few tradeskill items like vanadiums and pearls, a few cobalt. Nothing grand though.

Drama on Lucan has been quiet, I like it that way. I tend to ignore almost everything that goes on in channels unless it directly affects me. No need to get into that huge mess that goes on.

Tonight the guild attempts Chel’Drak again, after our success last week it’ll be interesting to see if we can do it again. We’re also apparently doing HoS, the most boring zone in the world that drops garbage. Anyone else out there who’s done this zone knows what I mean! Hopefully more screen shots and interesting stories to post tomorrow.

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