Silverstep, standing in her spooky backyard

Halloween in Norrath would have been slightly more entertaining if they did not just repeat the two quests we had last year. They compromised of a haunted house (with different rewards this time I suppose it should be added) and trick ‘n treating, with a few new face masks as rewards. I still found it slightly disappointing. However with the 2 year anniversary of the game on the 9th of this month, along with the newest expansion upcoming (which I have been off beta testing) I don’t really blame them for not putting much effort into the newest holiday.

I’ve sequestered myself to the crafting tables for the past few days, on various characters while I prepare for the two new sub-classes, tinkering and transmuting. The sage reached level 45 (finally) the jeweler 65, and Silverstep herself managed to level to 56 woodworker. I really do hate woodworking might I add. I get on average 1-2 new recipes a level. So in order to work this skill I’ve resorted to grinding out guild writs, which seem to be the only way I can handle the monotonous grinding. Granted, with the guild at level 50 even that seems to have little point, but the personal status is good and the faction is not too bad. I’m saving up for (another) 5 room house, and there are some Qeynos faction items I’d like to be able to purchase such as vendor stands.

Of course there are always the usual raids, last night was Vyemm, nothing of any significance happened there though, a few guild members played alts and we cleared it with three groups in less then two hours. I think pretty much everyone is looking forward to EoF just simply for a little new content, even if there is no level increase. Hopefully the expansion gives everyone something to do. I certainly can’t complain.

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