The prophets foretold of two more Gods who would soon be walking the lands of Norrath this day. One was Tunare, and while some may consider this an obvious choice due to the fact that I am a druid, it is not so. None the less I listened to their woes and eagerly aided them in their trials, but do not doubt for a second that it was because of my own selfish curiosity rather then a desire to walk along the path of Growth.

I was told not to question their methods, and that I would be able to inhabit the body of Gandari for this battle. I rode astride a mount so glorious. I could smell the fear in the air. We rode and the calls of battle echoed through the air. It was glorious.

The reward for aiding them was a small fountain for my home, which has a spot in the back yard. It may look slightly out of place amongst some of the other… pieces.. I have out there, but it looks wonderful none the less.

(( Absolutely *amazing* quest, very fun to do, and a new turn on things here in eq2. Those who have done the monster missions in eq1 will be very familiar with this form of quest, and I have to say it’s sort of fun to see it here too. I would certainly recommend this quest for anyone who enjoys questing or house items or both! The starter can be found in Antonica, by the druid rings just past the wizard spires. The evil version is found by the priest guild in NFP ))

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