Silverstep, standing in Lesser Faydark

I was accepted into EoF beta about a month ago, but honestly, I played very little. I perfer to leave most quests / zones a surprise, and just wanted to know a little about what to expect with my characters. I think I spent more time looking at fae and exploring the lowbie zones and Gods then doing much of anything else. Since the NDA has been lifted, I can post a few screen shots of the expansion and ramble a bit. It’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL expansion, despite what bugs may be around currently. There is literally something for everyone, from level 1-70. There are new raid zones, new instances, new regular zones, a new obelisk even. New lore, a new race. Two new crafting subclasses, new aa’s, a second earring slot, a new cloak slot, new guild levels.. it’s quite amazing.

Some people are of course upset that there is no level cap increase. I can see why SoE did this though. The one thought on everyone’s mind is whether or not there is enough content to last until the next expansion comes out. With Vanguard coming out in January (unless it’s been pushed back, I never know) there’s lots of competition around.

Standing outside Castle Mistmoore

Contested mobs should keep raiders interested, along with the new raid zones. The fact that there’s a new race is appealing to those who have wanted to start a new class and had no motivation. Not to mention there are new starting zones, and you could level from 1-70 in EoF zones alone and never leave. It’s certainly one expansion I’m really looking forward to.

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