Silverstep in her home before the alter of Tunare, proudly displaying her new guild cloak

Torrent Knights recieved the heraldry for their first guild cloak two days ago, and I must say I quite like it. There’s also nothing quite as imposing as standing together in a raid all wearing the same unique design (unique to your own server at least). While I don’t typically like the actual bat-man-cape type graphics on the cloaks, they are another form of unity and I do like that general idea.

I had hoped Silverstep would be able to follow Sol. Ro, the burning prince, as her God. However, after looking at the rewards offered. Tunare was really the only way to go for a healer. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work it into my role play yet, but I’ll find a way. Creativity knows no bounds after all!

The entire Tunare chain was solo-able at level 70, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Typically I am the first one to look for a walk through with any quest I think, especially ones that make me figure things out. I’m just not patient enough with them. However, this was one of those few quests that I took the time (along with fellow healer Mard) to figure out and complete. Well worth it, as the Tunare cloak gives +30 to my healing spells.

I also managed to complete two quests in New Tunaria with Xani, it took us about 8 hours total to figure these quests out though, and we received discovery for completing them. I progressed a level 65 signature quest that I’ve been working on as well, I don’t know what the reward is but they’ve sent me to find some satyr in Lesser Faydark and talk to him about a void shard, very interesting.

Did my first two instances yesterday as well, one is located on the top of Crushbone Keep, in Greater Faydark, and was about the same difficulty as the KoS zone “Nest”, but more unique encounters with interesting twists. I also did the new Obelisk instance, completed a quest for that zone as well. All in all, pretty fun thus far. With the ravamp though I’m not exactly overly enthusiastic about raids tonight.

Oh, also got to 17 in tinkering. I’ll rant more about that later, the craft from hell. Not quite as difficult as transmuting though, which I keep hearing horror stories about from Eleyn. More ranting to follow I’m sure.

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