Most Annoying Quest in the World.. Quite Possibly..

This is the current quest I’ve been working on. It is quite possibly the most annoying quest I have ever encountered. Each item that Teriniu’s sister has lost and you have to find, is a little tiny microscopic clicky on the ground. The first one was easy enough, it is a hammer on the ground in Greater Faydark. The second item is an earring located at: -41,25,-795 in New Tunaria. It is a TINY little clicky on the ground partially obscured by some bolders that you have to drop down to see. The third update, is at: -532,70,-1,077 and is a white bracer on the ground. The next portion is to find a doll or a person or something from what the icon shows on the quest, but other then that, and the fact that it’s also in New Tunaria, they give no information.

Now, I’ve been enjoying working out most of these quests on my own, but oh my goodness, talk about hard. One quest has broken already for me, and three others I’m at dead ends with. I did manage to work my way down a quest that has now turned into a level 70 epic quest, the reward, a fabled cloak. The cloak does +25 to healing and damage spells. A slight upgrade over the tunare cloak I’m wearing now, if I can ever manage to complete the quest.

I had my level 44 assassin un-deleted by soe, after deleting them on June 18th. I petitioned and within two hours they’d given me the character back, I was exceptionally surprised. At the time I did not have room for more characters, so I’d deleted her. I now have station access and it’ll be staying that way, so I figured there was no harm in asking if there was anything GM’s could do. Despite the issues others may have with sony’s customer service, I have not had a single issue thus far. A huge thank you to them.

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