Continuing on my search for unique and interesting quests with the new EoF expansion, I’ve been spending some time helping out the small Nybright village just south of Tunare’s Grove in Lesser Faydark. The quests are very easy at level 70, and reward with a lot of faction towards this group of people as well as some vendor items and coin, the aa is not too bad either if you manage to complete the 60+ ones.

The best part of doing these quests was obtaining the title “Nybright Benefactor” through one of the chains, which Silverstep now runs around wearing proudly. There is another series of quests in Lesser Faydark some place where the reward is a Thexian log book, but I can’t seem to find it for the life of me. A guild mate managed the discovery on the item and gave me no more information other then that it came from the zone in general. I’ll have to keep searching for it.

I took some time off from questing, and worked my alchemist to level 45, I continued on with transmuting on Dasie, who’s just hit 30. It’s a long hard expensive process, but I am not in a huge rush, eventually the prices for items will come down and since the books are body drops and not chest drops, this makes it *much* more appealing to me as a crafter. Silverstep has put tinkering on hold, as salty loam makes me queezy right now. Prices on the market have just skyrocketed and are exceptionally out of proportion right now. I expected it, it happens every time there is a new expansion. I just hope the economy does not suffer for too long. Only the wealthy seem to be privileged with adornments, I donated a bunch of legendary and treasured gear as well as adepts and masters to our guild transmuter in order to get mine. My hat now sports +400 power, gloves and wrist items have +40 to heals, and my cloak doubles as a parachute that can lessen the falling damage I take since I’m prone to leaping from great heights and don’t have the luxury of fae wings to keep me afloat.

Raids have been at a stand still since EoF came out pretty much. People have wanted to do other things, and they’ve been getting increasingly discouraged when we can’t handle the zones due to the recent revamping of combat. We’ve yet to try to go back to any KoS zones so I can’t speak for those ones, but I expected the EoF ones to be difficult. We did manage to down the first named in Freethinkers, after finally figuring out the strategy. The second named is do-able for sure, but by then the majority of our raiders were tired and frustrated and we decided to call it a night, myself included. It’s difficult to be taking down high end content in KoS (granted it took months to get there) and then have to start back at square one with the learning process in EoF. Progress is progress though, and I’m eager to see what new heights we as a guild can reach.

I’m also looking forward to seeing us hit level 60, though that is even slower then I’d have hoped, as very few people seem to be interested in doing any courts raids (a great source of guild status) or grinding our writs (which I can’t blame them for, that is utterly boring). We’ll just have to see how things go!

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