One of Silverstep’s new pretties, server discovery from Inner Sanctum

So yesterdays raids took us first to Chel’Drak, who we took down on the 2nd pull (the first one was a bit buggy with positioning) and then we headed to clockworks, inside of Klak’Anon, which is my least favorite zone. We know how to spawn the 1 named in there at least, but it’s very difficult. After our attempts there, we headed to Inner Sanctum, a x4 zone off in Mistmoore Castle, that I’d never been to before. We had a hoot (literally).

The 2h weapon shown above has more power then my 1h + shield, and has wis + int so I expressed an interest in it, no one else seemed to want it, and now my fury runs around trying to squish things happily. I was hoping it would have some sparkly graphic on it, but alas it is just a regular staff.

A 2h sword that a fury can use?! Deathtoll run was interesting…

Also got this 2h sword.. probably one of the few (maybe the only) 2h sword a fury can actually use. It summons little lions who hit quit hard during battle. Nice for soloing! No one else wanted it (we get a huge amount of 2h weapons on raids) so it’s a nice toy. Deathtoll was interesting since the revamp. That, and our regular MT and MH were both busy with school things for the day.

Finished the War and Wardrobe HQ, it’s only level 30 so it was quite easy, and of course had a nice walk through already posted. Suppose I’ll do the lower level HQ’s and get them out of the way for some guild status, we’re not quite level 52 yet, it seems to be dragging by. I did manage to get Silver to 70aa now, but again, even that is slower.

As a side note: THANK YOU to the folks who have been sending me tells in game about my blog! I’ve heard from various people on various servers, mostly asking for help with the signature quest I wrote about, but a few also just saying hello! Always more then welcome to poke me of course, /tell Lucan_DLere.Silverstep if you’re interested. Some times I’m a little slow to reply depending on what I’m up to, but I try to make sure I reply.

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