Finally gave in and started my first (may not be the last!) fae character, Ellithia, a new ranger. I didn’t bother sticking around to do the fae quests, because there are 4 versions of Faydark up, and 99 people in each one. So with the help of friend Llen, I headed to Qeynos to play around in those zones instead.

Roost last night got a new upgrade for Silverstep, some leather bracers bringing her to over 8k self buffed power finally. She could still stand a few upgrades, especially with the new EoF fabled sets, but they can wait. I’m pleased with the progress thus far. Raids tonight, not sure what we’re going to be doing yet though. We typically save the big raids for the weekend when we have everyone around. Turn outs have been great lately. We also recruited 4-5 new members, who are settling in. I’m about to break 100k guild status which is a first for me, I’ve never actually been in a guild long enough to accumulate that much status. Torrent Knights is certainly a nice home.

Just a short post today, as I’ve some other things to attend to, but incase people have missed it, I owe a huge thank you to Xani for helping me with quests in EoF this past week, as well as the group who helped me and Shadowgeist take down the level 60 x2 in Loping Plains last night, we both managed to finish the raincaller bow HQ, walk through on Ogaming made it pretty simple and we were done in less then two hours. Guild dinged 52 from some status items Xani turned in, and I’m back up to 2.2 million personal status, which I’ve not decided what to do with yet, either buy a new level 60 mount since I have been riding my carpet forever, or buy a workbench so I can do more adornments in my house. We’ll just have to see!

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