So I have one small pet peeve (ok who am I kidding, I have many) in eq2. Specifically on my server Lucan D’Lere, which is a role play server. I think one of the most constant questions I hear asked, on every single channel is…

“what god should my character follow?!”

Why does this frustrate me? Easy. In my day to day life, I’d never go around asking which deity to worship, which religion was the right one for me. If I was interested in changing my faith or picking one to begin with.. I’d do research, and not just blindly go by what other people (strangers at that) were telling me. So every time I hear this question asked (at least 20x a day) I cringe a little. I know it’s a silly thing to cringe over but I’ll do it anyhow I think.

Working on the staff of the observers HQ. Had to learn a new language, much fun. Did the Dwarven Ringmail HQ yesterday, level 15 and ended up battling away hoards of baby fae all running around doing their own thing. Eventually moved to Greater Faydark 2 just to be able to complete it. The house item (almost all HQ can turn into house items when you right click them and examine them which is the main reason I do them) is a very ornate looking gold and red chest, like the ones you find in Crushbone, I adore it. The Raincaller bow is quite awsome looking as well. I’m looking forward to adding the staff to my collection of weapons. No raids tonight, last night we did a few guild status raids, unfortunately I sat most of them out as I was just simply not in the mood. I’m sure we’ll be hitting EoF raid zones this weekend as per normal. More ranting later!

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