Server discovery by Silverstep, from Emerald Halls

Friday night we traveled to Freethinkers, took down the first two named on the very first pulls, no issues. Learned that the wolves you spawn are actually for the Hand of Glory quest. Which of course has been bugged since release of EoF so I’ve neglected to work on. It’s fixed now. Apparently. I can’t recall what the second raid was we did Friday, but I’m sure it was something… Saturday, Chel’Drak fell the second pull and then we wrecked havoc in Inner Sanctum. Sunday, we defeated the Clockwork Menace, whose loot was just… laughable almost. Plate breastplate, which will only be used for resists. The encounter is actually pretty simple as soon as you learn the tactic for defeating this mighty foe. Was done that in less then an hour even with the long waits as guild members showed up (don’t even get me started on that rant).

Once the Clockwork Menace was down we had a few options. Go to Deathtoll, which has been getting little to no attention since EoF was released, or head to Emerald Halls, a zone we’ve previously avoided due to numerous bugs and the fact that the zone is filled with 200+ trash mobs that you’ve got to clear on your way to certain named. Fun. We did manage to down the Mistress in there, and she dropped Silverstep’s new shield. I actually didn’t put in for it as loot, but it appeared to be fury loot, so I said if no one else was going to take it that I would. The power on this shield is unfortunately *really* low. But for those times I’m using a 1h and a shield, or my godking weapon (which I use on occassion when I need the power regen) it comes in handy. Plus if the rest of the set drops, it would be nice to have that +5 to ministration as well as the 2% crit heal chance. We’ll just have to see how it goes. I’ve been patiently waiting for a breastplate to drop with no sign of it happening any time soon.

Faydai hit 50 sage, Yamini hit 50 alchemist, I made a baby fae monk, Vivacious. Deleted a baby bruiser and a wizard. I’ll re-make those into something some other time. I get bored and restless and then end up re-making quite frequently.

Also finished (finally) L&L Siren, and Centaur. They’ve been in my books forever. So that was four new house items. Oh. Silverstep also changed her Deity. My Rp notes were all about how she was going to follow Sol Ro, and then when EoF came out I was woo’d by the heals of Tunare. But upon further contemplation, she’s decided to head back into the waiting arms of Sol Ro, the Burning Prince. For both Rp purposes, and for the benifits of the miracles and blessings. As a fury with 600 int yesterday, she crit on the Clockwork Menace for 32,000 points of heat damage. Which, come on now, for a healer, is pretty nice *grins*.

Found out that world wide, I’m 7th for over all power. Not too bad!

Ranking 7th world wide for highest power (on a fury)

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