Misako, my little mystic armourer tailor

There are always a few crafters I get bored of, and then end up deleting their character counterparts and have to re-start. Tailor is one of these. I had a level 12 dirge who was a level 52+ tailor. Deleted the dirge, so I had to start over. Then I went through a phase making various characters who I eventually got bored of, and deleted them to clear room for more characters, effectively deleting the crafting portion of them too of course. SO! Misako started out as my supposed armourer and after some contemplation today I decided at the last minute she’d go tailor. Why tailor? A lot of my characters wear leather or cloth, plus I can always use bigger bags, arrow satchels, and the wonderful + stat dollies, of course now since EoF, there are also cloaks to be had. Granted it will be quite some time before I land myself an enigma of the tailor volume 3 (when cloaks start) but one can hope. They are body drops after all. The little tailor made it to 20. Good enough for now.

Tinkering, I decided to give up on for now. It just requires far too many raw goods at this point in time. So I’ve moved to transmuting on Silverstep, very very slow going. Which is the way I’d rather it actually. I don’t need to be one of the first people up there. Guild members are already T7 and if I really need something made I’m sure I can talk to them.

Quests! Well, I’m not even sure what direction to go with these lately. I feel some what restless, I blame it on the holiday season approaching fast. I wanted to get Silverstep’s quest count up higher, and get her more aa if at all possible by mentoring down for turn ins. So far, I’ve floundered about the zones and accomplished nothing. Perhaps I’ll head to Everfrost and work on the few quests I have there or something. I tried to clean my journal out a little, I only had room for 5 more quests. But anyone who tries this method knows it’s futile, as you just end up picking up more quests to fill up those you’ve completed. I think I have a whole array of Cazic Thul quests that I could work on.. Hmm…

Oh. Also. Sighs. Read today in the patch notes that the adornments which previously supplied nice amounts of health and power, are getting “adjusted”. What sort of adjustment exactly? Well. The previous 400 hp / 400 pwr adornments are being reduced to 100. That’s right. 300 less. The 150 ones are being reduced to 75. Sighs. So much for breaking 8k power self buffed! They’re replacing the adornments (old ones) with the new ones, and giving compensation of “market value” of the adornments. What I want to know is what exactly is market value? Is it the vendor price of said item? Because that’s not what they sell for in the market. They’re worth a good chunk of plat. At least the ones I’ve seen for sale are. Meh.

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