When the new commission system came out I was a little bit leery of it. Seemed like a complicated way to having things made. After all if you don’t trust your crafter, or you’re worried about being ripped off, why would you hire them to make you anything? I like to feel that my ‘clients’ so to speak, trust me when I say I’m going to make something for them. For those who don’t know what this commission system is, it works this way.

Target your client, and hit N (this opens your recipe book), find the recipe of the item you’d like to make for said person (this includes tinkered no-trade items, such as the level 12 stilts). Right click the picture of the recipe, and select create. When you do this, it opens a new window, your commission window. It allows players to drop items (or coin) into the window, when they’ve supplied you with whatever the agreement was, you click accept, they click accept, and if you’re at a crafting station, you can start crafting away.

When the item is complete, a transfer automatically occurs, their items for the end product you’ve just created. They can also watch you as you craft, and can see what type of produce they’re getting, if you botch the combine, they’ll know about it.

The unique part of this, is that the commission system allows you to ‘trade’ no trade items. For example. You’re a level 70 adventurer, and you’d like to complete the wurmslayer heritage quest. Which requires a crafting level of 50 to scribe the recipe, 60 if you’d like to have an easier time of making the item. The ingredients are some wood, and some no-trade oak shafts.

You can find a level 70 crafter, and commission them to make this for you, so long as they themselves have scribbed the recipe for the wurmslayer. You insert your no-trade heritage parts into the window, they click accept you click accept and ta da, you’re crafting away. Once the item is completed and it’s in their inventory they recieve the update for the quest. Is this an overlooked factor? Nope, apparently it’s supposed to work that way, as dev’s have posted here.

So adventurers rejoice, no more grinding up those pesky crafting levels for your quests if you really don’t want to.

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