Quest walk through from EQ2i

Get the base shield in New Tunaria at (-315.30, 53.81, -858.44). It looks like a regular tin buckler on the wall in the east side of the Hall of Truth, facing the huge tree that houses the Temple of Growth.

    1. Return to Fethinal. He tells you he now needs the god-given Symbols of the Four Elements, scattered across Norrath.
    2. Slay the element of water, located off the far northwest shore of the Enchanted Lands at (440, -11, -1087).
    1. Once you have the Symbols from the four elements, it is back to Fethinal again.
    2. Go to Antonica to find a tower (-2036, +7, +218) on the hill north of Keep of the Gnollslayers. There you will find the grave of Kryfru the Enchanted. Inspect the gravestone and talk to the ghost.
    3. Search the grave dirt to find Kryfru’s journal.
    4. Take the journal back to Fethinal.
    1. Find the 4 spirits:
    2. spirit of death – Somborn Graveyard in the Loping Plains
    1. Return to Fethinal for your reward

    I found the health and power on this item, slightly lacking. To say the least. Looking back though, it’s a very very simple quest that you can solo easily, the mobs are solo ^ and it doesn’t take much time. So if you’re wandering around wondering what to do, stop in and visit Fethinal located in a tree close to the New Tunaria entrance, and pick up this quest. I’m not sure I’d ever actually use the shield, but if you’re fond of items with procs, snag it!

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