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So Christmas is done (at least in real life, I’m sure we’ll be listening to the Frostfell music in EverQuest for a few more months yet), and the tree is down. What’s next? I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to head in my gaming. There are a lot of choices. Do I want to keep playing WoW (which I’ve barely played, lets be honest) am I going to try Vanguard? What about Eq2?

So far I’ve come to very few conclusions. I think I will try Burning Crusade when it comes out, even though my WoW characters are only 40-47 or so. I just want to see the content. I’m sure new servers will also be coming out, and it would be nice to attempt to sink myself into a guild. I think I’d like the game a lot more if I didn’t have to spend all my time listening to “hey pl me fgt!” or some other such annoying comments.

Vanguard, coming out shortly. A lot of people I know are going to give it a try, and I will as well. I want to see if it lives up to the hype I’ve heard. A lot of people have said bad things about it who have tried the beta, and again there’s the flip side where I’ve heard a lot of good stuff as well. Best to make my own judgment call.

Everquest2.. well. Here I’m some what lost. Or at least pulled in many directions. The 70 templar fury and illusionist, I am going to play off and on, and try to max out their aa’s and complete all of the heritage quests they’ve yet to do one at a time. Maybe not the harder epic ones, but the ones I can do at least. I’d like to work on getting the necromancer to 70, she’s sitting at 51 right now, almost 52. I’d also like to get the sage (also the necromancer) and the alchemist (the assassin) to level 70 crafters. There are smaller projects I’d like to complete too, the illusionist needs DT access, and claymore, which I’m dreading and not even sure I want to work on *shudders*

So those are the smaller things. I’d also like to work up a carpenter. Everything is sort of balancing on the possibility of playing other games though, so who really knows what I’ll be up to. Raids start again this week at least, but I wish we still cared at all about doing the older (Older? KoS is not that old) zones, like HoS, Labs, Lyceum, DT, etc. We’ve all but forgotten those zones since EoF came out. I realize that it’s also in large part due to the fact that most of the loot from those zones ends up rotting, but status and raids are good practice no matter the levels. Why neglect the other T7 zones just because three new ones were added? I suppose I just don’t get it. I also hate the fact that my alts can’t be in the guild with my raiding character, since I am typically on my alts doing various things. It separates me from the guild, and I hate it. Even if they just let in the level 70 alts we all had, I think it would make a difference. It’s depressing only seeing 29 accounts total in a guild, and on the channel we have set up there’s 10 others who are on their alts. Sorry for the venting.

I’m going to be trying to set up a site much like ogaming (which no longer works as most have found out) or eq2i.com but a more user friendly version, with the quests that I’ve done and helpful hints in there. Not sure when / if it will take off the ground yet, but in time it should. I’m tired of having to search through 100 different half-formed data bases in order to find the information I need. I absolutely hate pop up ads that appear on one such site as well.

More rambling to follow!

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