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After almost a month of no raids, Torrent Knights picked things up again last night. Wow, were we rusty. It happens of course. We also had a few of our newer members join us, not to mention the fact that it was my first raid with the illusionist vs. whatever else I typically play (warden, fury, templar, coercer). We didn’t dive right into the EoF content (though we will be today) but instead spent some time in Halls of Seeing, then after once the raid had broken down (as it typically does once one zone is cleared) we took the two remaining groups and did Roost, as well as Crab from Fallen Dynasty. Today we’re supposed to be attempting Chel’Drak and Clockworks.

I was a little bit worried that my illusionist would some how jeopardize the raid because she’s not nearly as nicely geared as most raiders. It will come in time, of course. I didn’t want to be dying every 10 minutes (it was more like 15) or putting anyone at risk. It seemed to go well though. We’ll have to see how Chel’Drak goes today. I wish my illusionist had completed Nizara, as it’s a portion to a quest I need that rewards a very nice ring, two in fact if I completed Chel’Drak too. I did get a pair of gloves as an upgrade though, and from Roost a back up pair of boots, as well as a house item for completing a quest. Achievement experience of course, three points last night which was just fantastic.

With Shadowgeist taking the week off from work, I’m looking forward to completing some of the things I’ve neglected on my Illusionist. I need Deathtoll access still on her, as well as my class hat which I’ve slacked so far behind on. I also want to progress claymore a little more, at least getting out of SoS. We’ll see how it all goes. I doubt I’ll complete everything I want, but maybe at least one of the three. It’s difficult to go from a fully geared / mastered character to one that’s not nearly as nicely geared, but I know with some effort and time it won’t take long.

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