A new year and a new beginning. A new blog and hosted site. It’s not quite 2007 yet, there’s less then an hour to go though. What am I doing here rather then uh.. well anywhere else? Hrms. I like the quiet. We’ll leave it at that.

Dom of the Elani, what a sweet item to have if it were only a level or two lower.. *grins* another part to a chain of quests. I’ve got the final quest to the chain on me and hopefully I’ll be completing it soon, you have to go to Freethinkers Hideout, which is a x4 raid instance in Loping Plains. As you’re fighting mobs and clearing the first and second named, there are combustible walls and the zone fills with werewolves. There’s a chest that you can click for the final update. Rewards are one of a few legendary items, an upgrade to those who don’t already raid, but in my opinion, if you’re in (and clearing) Freethinkers to begin with, you’re already wearing better. So not really a good reward for the risk. Oh well, it’s aa!

Speaking of aa, Stargrace did Deathtoll today. Managed to get her buff for one lucky group mate to have 25% double attack on both melee and ranged attacks. Very nice if you ask any of the brawlers especially in guild. Also got a relic robe and pants for her, not feeling quite so gimpy now and getting used to her being my actual main rather then just an alt. We’ll see how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Dom of the Elani, and Stargrace’ first Deathtoll”
  1. Well, actually bought myself a domain and have it hosted buy uh.. I forget, some place that had a good deal! LoL. WordPress itself is actually free, so I stuck that up and uh, ta da ? LoL. The domain mmoquests.com is my own, I’ll be adding a data base to it (slowly.. very slowly in fact) all of the old posts have been imported already, happy new years to you and yours also!

  2. Wow look at this – you’ve gone and bought yourself a WordPress site ? It sure looks nice – don’t forget to import your old posts before you delete them.

    Here’s hoping that’s the last move you have to make :) Grats and Happy New Year !

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