Stargrace, lounging in Qeynos Harbor

It seems my ‘to do’ list in gaming is growing by the day, and very little of it is actually getting accomplished. Though I have having a blast, so what does it matter, it’s all about having fun, right?

Tonight was Labs, we wiped on some silly trash stuff that shouldn’t have killed us. It seems the more we master a zone, the more we actually tend to slack off on it, and then we die foolishly. We had an easier time in Deathtoll then labs, because deathtoll people still concentrate (some what) for. The raid was over in less then two hours. Fastest I think we’ve ever done it and we only had three groups.

Yesterday, we killed for status, and the guild hit 55. Slow going, but we’re not exactly trying. Courts is always fun to raid. We also killed a contested silver dragon in Pillars of Flame, a zone I remember well on my templar and even the warden, but had barely ventured into with the illusionist, not even completing any of the KoS quest content. Then with the silver and gold scales that drop in poets palace, we took down the dragons in Maj’Dul, They didn’t give aa, or status, so it was just for fun. I actually got a hat upgrade from courts, the circlet of living fire. How could T6 stuff possible be an upgrade? Easy.

If you’re a caster (a mage or even a bard) class, you live for proc’s. Triggered items are your best friends. Bards love them because their skills are not combat arts for the most part, they are actual spell. So those trigger procs that go off when you cast a hostile spell, go off when a bard plays one of their many songs. I tend to keep synergism on the troub. in my group, and they’re parsing close to 1k on every encounter. So anyhow, this circlet, has a fire proc. It’s great for me, I can synergism myself, have the fire proc from the hat, as well as the proc from grizzfazzles staff (spelling on that, it’s been a while) and I’m missing some claymore quest line proc’s (that I’ll get eventually) and an earring that can proc.. as well as my bone clasped girdle. You add all those proc’s up, plus the bard’s mastro and a wizard’s proc, with my perpetuality aa line.. well.. it’s fun, lets just leave it at that.

I also (shamefully) spent about 3p on collection pieces today, for two collections. One rewarded me with a chess board for my house, the other a torture chair.. pictures to follow soon as I find a better section of the house to place these items in! I adore my house items. Speaking of which, I hired Mishanna from guild to make me 11 more rare items for Stargrace’ 5 room.. it may not be as nicely done (yet) as Silverstep’ place. But it’ll get there with time!

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