Just one of many tinkered items with the new crafting subclass

I have Silverstep working transmuting, slowly. It’s a very slow skill to level up. I’ll go into more detail about that another time. For now, I have Stargrace working on tinkering. When these two sub-crafts came out, they were dependant on your primary crafting skill. I liked it this way since I worked hard on my crafters, it was nice to benefit from being a level 70 crafter. They removed that shortly after though, and it is now dependant on either crafting level or adventure level. Great for those non-crafters.

Tinkering uses a whole lot of resources. Know those dreaded loams that seem to be in abundance right when you’re looking for ore? Well, if you’re taking the path of the tinkerer, save those. You’ll regret it other wise. You use about 900+ leaded loam just to get out of the first tier. As well as the regular raws like malachite, tin, and lead clusters. You can find a huge in depth list of every item able to be tinkered here. There are some exceptionally over powered items. For example, an item that mem-wipes. Now, enchanters both get mem wipe spells. In fact, it’s our ancient teachings spells. So they’re worth a pretty penny. Due to this fact, they also have exceptionally long re-cast timers. They can also be resisted. The tinkered item however.. has a 2 second cast timer, and an instant re-cast, and is not resisted.


There is also a feign death item. It has a 99% chance to go off. Shadowknights get feign death as one of their spells, and at M1 it only has a 96% chance to go off, for 10-20 seconds. the tinkered one lasts for 5 minutes.

There are speed items, mounts, and a portable mendor (who charges more then a regular mendor, but on the run, it’s still nice) so while the grind is so incredibly slow (you rarely get skill ups, and can easily go through those 900 loam and only get to a skill of 30) it is well worth it in the end. The majority of these tinkered items are also only able to be used by tinkerers. Another plus to me. If everyone out there could use all of these items, then what did I grind away at it for. It would not be quite as unique, I could just pay someone to make the items I wanted for me. I’m sure in time they will be slightly revamped and fixed up and changed, so I’m taking advantage of it now and continue to grind away at them.

On the other side.. I’ve found a display case I want to buy, a house item of course. It requires 10,000 faction with the ironforge exchange. Roughly 100 tradeskill writs (non-rush) to get it. I figure if I do 10 tradeskill writs a day, then in 9 days I’ll be sporting my new display cases. Got my 10 yesterday done, we’ll have to see if I can keep up with it. If I do the lowest available writ, it uses items that are cheap and easy to find on my provisioner, and not the good berries that I use to make my own food and drink. Meat and squash and water are all they use actually. That stuff is so easy to come by.

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