Finally, Stargrace’ snow globe collection is complete (for this year)

Antonican, Frostfell, Fae, Volcanic, Dervish, Mystical, Thulian, Bixie, and Everling. Those are the 9 snow globes that were handed out as free gifts from the gift giver in the village. Why on earth anyone would need or even want so many snow globes, I’ve no clue. They’re pretty none the less, and right clicking on them provides some house music (one of my pet peeves is the music that comes in every Qeynos home *shudders*). All of my alts have random pieces of this collection stashed away on them, as I claimed with everyone I could for a week in order to complete at least one set for my main character.

Last night was raids, and for the first time since early December, we were full! Short on healers, but full none the less, it was nice. We headed off to Freethinkers Hideout, which is a moderately hard zone. First name down without any issues (granted I died, a lot, this was my first time in the zone as an enchanter and not a healer, and finding my niche was slightly more difficult), downed the second name after two attempts, with some people in the raid experiencing numerous bugs with the zone. I wish they were fixed. One very annoying bug is mobs spawning in the world. It makes it very difficult to burn down adds if no one can see them. Another bug, when (if) the raid wipes, there is at least 2-10 people who end up freezing at the loading entities screen. You have to type /quit (your name here) in order to load back into the game and not be frozen. Which of course takes time, and when there are 20-24 people and 2-10 of them are freezing, it creates a lot of down time waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting some more.

Loot was…. interesting. It wasn’t horrible I suppose. We got one plate breastplate that went to the main tank, a legendary belt that went to a healer, and a piece of the fury set gear (fabled) that was absolutely gorgeous, grats to Jarath for that. It took a little over four hours just to get those three (really two) pieces of loot.

Wanted to do Nizara tonight before we raid Chel’Drak so Stargrace can get some ring upgrades (Uddo and Jarath need this zone as well) but that fell through, so I think today we’re doing Chel’Drak and Inner Sanctum depending on the force that turns up. We’re short one healer for sure, but we should be able to make do. Inner Sanctum is actually one of my favorite zones as far as EoF goes. We typically do clockwork as well, but I don’t really care for that zone, it’s just about burning the mobs as fast as you can. Emerald Halls, well, I’ve only been there once. It’s an all day raid in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “9 Snowglobes and Freethinkers Hideout”
  1. We tried that method as well, but perhaps we weren’t staggering the revives quite as well, we had one group revive all at once vs. all 24 doing it and uh, well the entire group got snagged with the bug, haha. It was quiet amusing to say the least.

  2. Woot grats on the snowglobes!
    BTW on the issue with the loading entities screen in some raid zones… We have started having the raid leader call out for groups to revive at intervals instead of all at once. Seems to work much better less people with issues. waiting like 30 seconds (whatever feels about right) or so between groups. Takes a little longer to get rebuffed but people don’t seem to need to restart. Fixing the bug would be nice though!

  3. Grats on the collection:) I think I only got one snowglobe. I was too busy leveling my fae and didn’t do a lot of the Frostfell stuff this year. Although I did find enough time to buy the cute dresses and hats!

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