Everyone has their own views on plat farmers and gold sellers in any MMO. Personally, I hate both. I’ve been trying to complete my access for the inner portion of obelisk for months now with little to no success simply because of the one or two farming groups in there. You know the type, where there’s 4 wizards and a fury all auto following a guardian, they invis through the entire zone (thank you soe, for the revamp that messed it all up) and popping right in front of a named mob (since almost every named in Obelisk has no place holder at all) seconds after it spawns, no matter who is around / in the room, and squishing it, then invising again and moving on.

Frustration. Lots and lots of frustration.

So, when I started getting spam comments on both my blog site, and both of my email accounts (I use one for this blog when I get comments, and I use another for mmoquests.com) I was slightly ticked off.

I had three of these waiting in my email, and another two more spam comments on the blog. Anyone else getting friendly visits from gold sellers asking to advertise on your site? Even if they paid me for advertising for them, I wouldn’t do it, why? Because I absolutely hate this sort of thing.

There are exchange servers in EQ2 (I have no idea about other games / servers) that are set up specifically for the purpose of buying / selling money in game for real life currency. It’s done in a relatively safe manor, and those who have no interest at all in doing this, don’t have to play there. Personally, it’s just not my thing. I think buying gold from sites like this ruins the game, the economy, and various other things that I don’t want to rant about at 6:47am. I think it was nice of SoE to recognize the issue and set up servers where they can handle the buying / selling themselves but I don’t think it did anything at all to stop other companies such as the one above from persuing it as well.

Enough rambling about that, I’ll post again a bit later today, raids this weekend went pretty nicely.

3 thoughts on “Gold Seller Spam, ew”
  1. I hate them too. I have that google adsense on my site, and I am supposed to be able to filter ads I don’t want on my site out, but no matter how often I put in the URL to one of those farming sites to block it, it comes back the next day with a new web address. They must have 100+ domain names, so I am thinking I may have to just take the ads off.

  2. I am often tempted at buying some gold, but never do. It really does annoy me to get spammed ingame and I would be even more pissed if they got to me elsewhere. Sorry about the spammers.

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