Hmm. Only own two pieces, and yet three show up?

Lots of bugs happen in MMO’s, you can’t really avoid them. This one is an interesting one. The piece of gear is what my coercer wears, one of the legendary set pieces. The interesting part is that it shows me as wearing 3/7 pieces. It clearly also shows that I own 2/7 pieces (which I do) the shoes, and the sleeves. I’m also benefiting from the 2% spell crit chance.. and have no idea why. I’m not sure why this bug is here or when (if ever) it’s going to be fixed, but I find it amusing none the less. The legendary gear is not all that, but for a new ‘main’ who was wearing mostly treasured, it’s pretty good.

Decided that I wasn’t going to hop on the Vanguard wagon like a lot of those I know. I wasn’t really impressed with what I’ve seen and heard. Plus it would mean I’d need to get more space on my computer, you need 20 free gigs to play, and I have about 12 left after the random stuff I have, EQ2, WoW, NWN, photoshop, etc. I don’t want to have to buy computer parts for a game that I’m not even sure I want to play. So I’ll get the WoW expansion because I already know I like the game, I’ll give that a whirl, and in a few months I’ll see where Vanguard is at. If it seems like flocks of people are running for the game due to some reason that I’ve yet to hear from, I’m sure I’ll wander over as well. In the mean time, it’s just not worth it.

Raids went well this weekend. Clockwork is easiest of all the EoF instances, with Inner Sanctum following close behind, then Freethinkers, and Emerald Halls. Didn’t get a chance to go to EH this week since we were short healers, but perhaps next time. I really wish people could stick around longer, or that we had a few more constant raiders, but well,that happens with time. Especially since it’s the tail end of the holidays, some are still out. Then there’s always those who are sick, who have family things come up, computers break, and any other number of issues.

So, about WoW. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep playing the characters I have, or start a new one, or trying to find a some what static-mature bunch of people to play with (do those exist in WoW?) or what. I really do enjoy the game, but I think I’d like it a great deal more if I actually had some people to play with as opposed to just playing alone 90% of the time and having to listen to “lawl nooborz” and other random comments. The community is the only thing that turns me off of that game. We’ll just have to see how it goes!


5 thoughts on “Broken legendary gear, raids, and rants”
  1. OH lord…I’ve been ranting about WoW “lack” of community since I played that game from Launch.

    2 years later is hasnt changed for the better..>WoW has become the retard universe gathering spot for the punks.

    It’s troublesome to go from a tight community game like your game of choice or my old game FFXI online to Warcraft..

    I will say this only once. You wilL NOT find a cluster of solid people and mature players in warcraft…those that are there..are guilded and not recruiting…or alienated by the stupidity of community like you are..and leaving for greener pastures like Eq2 and Vanguard.

  2. Yup, 100% sure – I can see my spell crit chance with profit UI – I have 13% naturally (with aa) , and 2% from MoA (neck piece) but on my UI I display a 17% spell crit chance, and the (3) is lit up in yellow (meaning I am wearing 3/7 of the piece)

  3. Hi there,

    you have a great blogsite. I always wondered what it was like in the endgame (i never managed/manage due to lack of time and RL :). You make it sound like fun.

    Thanks for the posts and keep up the nice blog!

    have a nice day.

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