Level 40

– Starts from Rumdum in the pub at the East Freeport docks (-234,+8).

– If you are from Qeynos, in order to speak to Rumdum, you must have a Freeport citizen stall the guard who is constantly entering the bar. Wait for the guard to head into the back deck area and then have your Freeport friend ask for directions from the guard. Keep buying drinks for Rumdum and he will eventually give you the quest.

– You must collect the four pieces of the Stein of Moggok. These can be found on the Bouncers in the Feerrott. These are all four rare spawns:

  • Left Half: Bouncer Flerb (-27,+392)
  • Right Half: Bouncer Fug (-446,+146)
  • Handle: Bouncer Hurd (-16,+770)
  • Lid: Bouncer Prud (Runs throughout the zone, despawns quick)

– After turning each of these in to Rumdum he will tell you that Clurg has a Blood Ruby and ask you to obtain it for him. This is found at a lake due south of the zone (-16,+697). Clurg the Bartender will spawn when you swim close to the bottom of the lake. He is a level 40 ^^^ Group x 2 mob. Kill him to obtain the ruby.

– After doing this return to Rumdum who gives you the recipe to create the stein. You must have level 9 crafting. You will need a Glimmering Stone to do this combine.

Receive Reward: Stein of Moggok
Receive Reward: 54,750 Status Points

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