The Darkmoon Faire is a topic I actually meant to write about last week, when it was around, but alas time slipped away from me as it so often does and so you’ll have to deal with this post being a few days late. Remember that festival that came at the start of every month and has for years but no one actually participated in? Well, the good folks over at Blizzard finally gave it an overhaul, and boy did they do a fantastic job. The Darkmoon Faire now actually feels like a festival. There is an entire zone dedicated to the happenings now, which you can access by being ported (there are NPC in the capitol cities) or by visiting the front gates:

There is an all-new selection of things to do at the Faire including some awesome new games, loads of quests, and new pets and mounts to collect. has a great write up of the new event and if you’re an achievement seeker you’ll find new ones added to your achievement window. I had a blast in the shooting gallery (literally), although I did discover that I’m not very good at the human cannonball. Maybe next month I’ll finally be able to get that bulls-eye.
My favorite part of the faire this year was fishing up a little seahorse that is trapped in a bubble players can drag around as a pet. Of course it does inch me closer towards having 100 companion pets, so I am a bit biased.
If you didn’t check out the faire while it was in town this month, don’t worry, there’s always next month! If you did manage to check it out, what did you think? Is it an improvement over the old version?
As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


One thought on “Changes to the Darkmoon Faire #WoW”
  1. In general, I’m okay with the concept that cosmetic rewards will take a long time to acquire. I’m less fond of having to drop everything for a week because the Faire is only open at specific times. If the Faire quests were monthly (7), I’d be 100% happy.

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