A place to call home

Home sweet home

The fire place isn’t done yet, but that’s what it looked like as I was building it and putting it together. Let me tell you, placing all of those books, after moving them twice, once to an alts house, and then once back here, and then onto the shelves, is *very* annoying. There were a lot more books placed into the shelves once the screen shot was taken, as well as around the floor, and of course the book of the dead in the center on the table. The table is of course still bugged, you can’t actually place things on it, without having to attach a shelf to it and then place items on the shelf, then remove the items and place the table back.

Raided Harla Dar last night, went well. Then did Djinn Masters Prism, which I had never done before. What a complicated zone! Well, if you’re new at least. Thank goodness we had a team of dedicated music players. It was still fun. Got a little further in my claymore progression, I’m getting worn out from it fast though. Also got further on my DT access, need blackscale next. Still haven’t met too many folks from guild, and since joining I haven’t really played any alts at all any more. Maybe I’ll re-think the guid situation. I enjoy raiding though. Of course, it’s not all about the loot for me, which it is for a lot of people. I just like being there / going.

Today is a restless frustraiting day. Not really sure in game if I’m even feeling like playing. Raid HoS tonight, which should be interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve gone. Labs and Deathtoll on the weekend, two more pretty good raids. I’m getting used to the fact that they’re later at night. Gives my days free to get my stuff done. Servers are *finally* getting re-set today, after almost a week of no reboots. It was *much* needed. I think everyone would agree with that. There was so much lag and issues that needed to be fixed.

Marauder Silverstep


Seafury Buccaneers are wonderful. I’ve been working my faction with them for quite some time, and after countless writs, found a much much easier way to acomplish my faction with them. So I started off at +2,600 faction with them yesterday, and in three hours, was a little above +20,000 faction with them. Which means I am now Marauder Silverstep *cheers* and also Mariner if I choose to be so (yes, I paid for both titles). I also bought a nifty little skull with a dagger through it for my house, and recieved two pieces of paper from the officials, sitting in my house. Last night cleared lyceum, and managed to snag a relic breast plate fer myself! Very happy about that. I’ve joined a “semi-hardcore” raiding guild, though in my books they’re pretty hardcore. Raids 5 nights a week, not exactly the friendliest bunch, but that’s alright gives me time to do things on my own as well. Managed to get Claymore a little further as well, and I’m now in PoA, which is slightly better then SoS. Granted I can’t really duo many of the quests, but it’s still quite fun. It’s realy nice to be in a raiding guild with my warden as my main, instead of having to work up another character to play, I think I lucked out.

Bots and books.. I hate them both

Broken quest

I absolutely hate Obelisk these days. Since the revamp of the zone, they’ve broken more quests then they’ve fixed. The above picture just being one of them. The mob that this book calls for, no longer is even in the zone. It doesn’t exist. In it’s place is a single named, who spawns *every* time you kill him. Usually dropping metal, always dropping legendary. So not only can I not finish this quest at all, but there are typically 2-3 groups of plat farmers (bots) in there who have each of the named on a timed cycle.

SoE also just made it *easier* for these people to opperate, by removing the access quests to the Obelisk. Making it easier for anyone to enter, where as I devoted about 6 hours of work to get access to the areas needed. Needless to say, I am not happy. There are also two other book quests, part of the Remembrances series, that I am at the moment unable to do. One of them requires yet another mob (and 30 of that one mob) that spawns as a named 70% of the time now, and the other one requires mobs so rare to find in the zone that you may as well just give up while you’re ahead, especially if there’s anyone else in the zone.

I’m big on quests that reward house items, my house displays them nicely and I’m proud of what I’ve acomplished. Each character gets their own house, and if I play them to any degree I typically move them into a larger house. I just wish SoE would fix the broken quests (it’s been a few months now) and get rid of the bots. Too much to ask I suppose.

It’s all about the guild.. and other ramblings

Lack of posts lately, I just haven’t felt the insperation I suppose. Now, I’ve moved servers twice before, once from Najena to Lucan D’Lere, and then back from Lucan to Najena (which is where I currently am). My choices to move were pretty basic, Lucan is far too small of a server for my tastes. It was a good time for a chance. I paid the $50 fee (twice) to move my two “mains” over, and don’t regret it at all. No issues with the move, their houses and banks and items remained in tact.

One thing I’ve done on each server and over time, is started a smaller guild just for my alts. This time was no different. I enjoy having a “home” for the smaller characters I play, if not specifically for any other bonus rather then just being able to use the guild bank to transfer items between them all (especially since I’m a heavy crafter). So “Rapture” is my new home, a guild name that I openly admit to seeing on Lucan and it appealed to me. Granted the one on Lucan is for a guild of Harlots and mine follows no such course, but I still found the name pleasant. There are exactly 7 members, 6 of which are my own characters, and the 7th a friend who also plays on Najena and put their smaller alt into the guild. I can craft and share items between the bank and I’m pleased with that. It also gives me a small “goal” to work towards in my spare time when I’m bored. I can level the guild up, if not for any other reason then simply because I wish to. It’s just a very relaxed thing for me to do.

Also started myself a little brigand today, Nesia (which is short for Amnesia, which is what I wanted origionally but found the name already taken). She’s going to end up as my carpenter (hopfully). So that’s 6 characters once again, though they’re all fairly small, the brusier sitting at level 24, the dirge at 20, the conj. at 8 and the brigand at 5. Then of course there’s the warden at 70 and the coercer at 63, fairly well rounded if I do say so myself. With nothing much to do until November I’ve pleanty of time to work on each one of them as well as crafting.

Cordanim is gone on a vacation for this week, so I don’t expect I’ll see him around, I hope he has fun though. Pascolino seems to be enjoying the smaller swashbuckler that he made to play on the server. It’s nice to hear about him enjoying the game without the pressures that are associated with a higher level main.

Made about 10p on the broker over the past few days, so I’m sitting comfortably at about 30p, which is just fine for me I don’t need a whole lot of money. Eventually you reach a point where there’s just simply nothing to buy anyhow, and you’re just crafting with it or buying pretties for alts, etc. It’s fun, lately I’ve gotten much more out of the game by simply doing smaller quests, and enjoying the basics of the game, no pressure.

Just another day

New gear!

*edit* Forgot to mention, I’ve got the page links along the top set up / working with brief bio’s and pictures of each gal.. wuwu!

That’s right, finally after a month or two of working on the Claymore series with Silverstep, I’m DONE with Sanctum! Not to mention the fact that the breast plate was actually an upgrade for my girlie. Well, sort of. The one she was wearing was cloth and had FT6 on it, which is handy for raids. However in every day group situations, I’d rather the stats / mitigation of the leather one vs. the cloth. I also finished the next claymore quest after this tunic, which rewarded me with a very nice ring, also an upgrade *cheers*.

Took Stargrace through the Den instance, managed to finish off Grizzfazzle’s quest for her, now she just needs three more levels in order to wear the weapon..*groans* I’m sure it’ll come eventually. I also started a new swashbuckler today, to take up the 6th (and final) character slot I have. Cordanim hasn’t been in game since I’ve moved servers, but hopfully I’ll get to see him around eventually. Making friends is awfully slow *grumbles* I’m still having a blast though! Ricotta’s betrayal is.. on hold.. for the time being, until I’m not quite so grumpy and I feel like working on it. Maybe I’ll just keep her in Haven, I haven’t decided really yet. That’s about all the rambling I’ve time for today, more tomorrow as always!