Collecting Mounts (#353)

I really love the look of this mount. Part fox, part dragon – and less than 10k if you don’t feel like farming the components. This is the Tempermental Skyclaw, and comes from Dragonflight. You need 60 components that drop from mobs or from the auction house depending on how patient you are. Let’s face it, even on the best of days I’m not that patient.

That brings me to 333! If I keep this up I might actually still reach 500 mounts before the end of Dragonflight. That was the original goal at least. I’m not sure what I started at, I believe it was under 300. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Gold Making Wrap Up [Sept10-Sept17]

I’ve been back to world of warcraft ‘full time’ for two weeks now, and this week I made 5 million gold in profit, which was just lovely. I’m spending approximately 1h each day keeping this going, I don’t want to invest any more time than that. I’m currently spread across 20 servers, with one being my ‘main’ server (which is also low population, and thus very slow sales).

I haven’t been doing too much crafting, but that’s on the list. My evoker (current main) needs to switch from 2 harvesting professions to at least one crafting, there’s just not enough ‘stuff’ for me to do on that character. I’m having a blast playing her, and I11’m just shy of finally reaching my 2k rating for M+ this season. I’m at 1755, with plenty of dungeons left to go.

In any case, it’s good to be back playing, it’s nice to be making gold, and I’ve been lurking in the WoW Economy discord again to see what everyone is investing in. I’ve got about 300 pets to level (oof) and finding the time to do everything has been the most difficult part.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Collecting Mounts (#352)

I’ve been trying to get to 500 mounts for the achievement, but it’s pretty slow going (let’s face it, I don’t work on it nearly as much as I could). This weekend I managed to grab a few, starting with mount number 532, the Domesticated Razorback. I was really close to exalted faction with Steamwheedle “preservation” Society, so I did a little bit of farming and then used my apex crystals to buy the mount (I had 61k, I think from my garrison over the years). It was a quick mount to pick up, even if it isn’t the best looking one out there.

Calico Critter Remodel (3)

I haven’t had a lot of spare time, but I did manage to get the 2nd side of the house completely done with stonework, yay! One more side to go, and then I’ll give it all a good paint. I’m also looking into making the roof wood tile, I bought miter scissors which take some getting used to but slice through popsicle sticks pretty easily. I have two types of wooden sticks, one more like stir sticks which I’ll probably use to design the floor. I’ll also have to give a thought to the inside walls, I haven’t decided what I want to do there yet. For now, the outside remains the focus.

Little Sock Arms (5)

Progress on the sleeves! I have four more repeats of 5 rows then I’m on to the ribbing (then I need to repeat the entire thing for the other sleeve) – once those are done, all that’s left is to finish the yoke and this sweater will be done. If I dedicate a little bit of time for it each day, I’m hoping I can finish it before the end of the month. We’ll just have to see how that goes. Normally I knit in the evenings, but I have been so tired I haven’t had the energy to do too much. My kid is in love with the colours, and she may get a year or two of use out of it I hope before she out grows it, as kids tend to do.