Dungeon Dive: 100 Runs of Sunwell Plateau (91-100)

I sort of forgot that I never finished this series, so here’s the last 10 runs of Sunwell Plateau, finally! This run only gave a handful of desired items, one was a purple helmet, and a low value recipe. Keep in mind that I’m doing this on a high population server, so your gold values and experience may differ from mine. I’m using a level 61 speed geared druid, and a handful of addons like TSM, LootAppraiser, MonkeySpeed, Dejunk, and FasterLoot.

  • Total approx gold earned (runs 1-100): 1,197,120g
  • Actual amount of gold earned to date: 200,250g
  • Actual amount of GPH: 40,050g
  • Value of items still listed on the AH: 15,522g

You can also read through the rest of the series to see what I earned on each run, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s not the best GPH, but it was a nice way to spend a little time, and maybe RNG will favour you more than it did me.

Happy gold making!

Weekly Wrap Up [Feb25-Mar2]

It was a fairly productive week when it came to making gold – but I also ended up spending a fair amount on some recipes (I’m currently working on finishing off my profession recipes, more on that at a later date). My top sellers were back to recipes, a handful of pets, and a few transmog. I also re-stocked my crafted transmog, something I had been slacking on for a few weeks (life, what can I say).

Sales were lower than usual, but I also spent a lot of time restocking and doing general inventory management. I keep a record of sales each month, and where they happen. If a server doesn’t perform very well, I stop selling there and move on. I give the server 3 months so I can see a better average, and typically if the gains are not at least a million (each month), I’ll drop it from the list. There’s a few reasons I do this but it mostly comes down to time. I have other servers that perform very well, and the items I’m selling would be better suited to those servers or just waiting in the bank for restock day instead of me wasting the time it takes to post. I’m sure people have different methods of doing all of this, but that’s what works for me.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Feb18-Feb24]

Uh, WHAT happened this week?! That’s an insane looking graph up above. I could hardly believe it. It seems like even though we’re at a bit of a lull with the season right now, and waiting for the next thing to come along – all of the collectors came out of the woodwork.

Sales this week were almost all exclusively high priced transmog. A good handful of crafted pieces also sold, and a bunch of NLA (no longer available) items. The usual items like Blackrock Bulwark, The Glazer, and Firekin were pretty high up on the list. I also saw a few unusual items sell, like a handful of Haunted Mementos, and Baron Charr’s Sceptre (wasn’t expecting that one). I also continued to work on my own recipe collection, I’m narrowing in on the handful left that I need. One goes for approx 2 million on NA (LW recipe where the vendor is no longer available) and I haven’t decided if I’m going to splurge and get it yet or not.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Wrap Up [Feb11-Feb17]

February continues to be lovely for sales, with a higher than average weekly earning and a few unusual items that I wasn’t expecting (mostly in the transmog department). I also sold a lot of the lovely dresses and suits which I imagine is thanks to Valentine’s Day. Never underestimate the player base! Of course they want to dress up for the holidays.

I was surprised at how few recipes sold, though I did get a nice Warblades sale (that’s always at least 500,000g) from Zul’Gurub. It’s been an interesting month, and I can’t wait to see what the total might be.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Deep Dive: Sniping with Azeroth Auction Assassin

I haven’t done a lot of sniping since Dragonflight came out, but sometimes I get bored and want to explore ‘new’ methods of making gold, so when Indopan started talking about Azeroth Auction Assassin (Also called Azeroth Auction Ace, so they don’t show too much ass when the name shortens), I was absolutely interested.

Before we get too far, one thing to note is that this stand alone API sniper is currently behind a Patreon paywall. This isn’t completely unheard of, there are services like Zygor (publishing guides) & goblins like BilisOnyxia & Studden who put their gold making guides for sale and I certainly don’t begrudge them for it, after all, they’ve put in the work. I also realize sniping is not for everyone – and that’s OK. The best part of making gold is that there are lots of different ways to go about it, and if one method isn’t to your liking, I have no doubt that you’ll find another.

There are two common methods of sniping (if you’re not familiar with the term ‘snipe’ it just means buying something from the AH for cheap, typically before someone else can snag the deal, in this version at least). One way is by using an in-game AH addon like point blank sniper that scans your current server in live-time (TSM also has a sniper built in but I’ve found it quite slow since the release of DF, so for the purpose of this article I won’t be talking about it), and the other method uses a program outside of the game, and Blizzard’s public AH API which publishes data once an hour for all servers. You might remember when I started using Mega Alerts, I had to install Docker and follow a lengthy tutorial to get all of that up and running – Azeroth Auction Assassin works the same way, using Blizzard’s public API but it also has an entire GUI built in making it MUCH more user friendly. You create a list of items you want to purchase, with price points (you can also import your list from auctionator), and then once an hour when Blizzard publishes the AH data, it pings you on discord if anything matches the item/price you’ve set. In the screenshot above you can see I went after +speed gear. I set a price of 300g for any 421 (and higher) gear that had +speed on it (that’s what the screenshot below is showing, too). While the more common use for an API sniper is to purchase items on one server for a low price, and then sell them on another server for a higher price, for me it was a nice way to find some recipes I was missing, and some gear.

There are tutorials for everything you might need, an active discord, and a friendly community. The one question I know frequently comes up is “what should I snipe” – and honestly, this is something every goblin out there who wants to snipe has to learn for themselves. What you want to purchase, and what price point you want to purchase it at, is part of the learning process.

When you’re trying to decide what to snipe, look at the big picture. Let’s say you want to snipe pets. Look for ones that are used in teams / popular (use TSM sales rate for this) / or rare. There’s tons of sites out there that list these pets. TCG (trading card game) pets have taken a hit since they’ve been amazon prime / twitch rewards, but they’re still popular. No Longer Available (NLA) items can be popular – but Blizzard also has a history of bringing those back, so do your research. Looking to flip some raid gear? Check out the BiS gear guides over on Wowhead & Icyveins, and add those items to your list. It’s going to be trial and error. It’s still going to require time to sell the items you purchase – and a lot can happen in between there. Maybe the price will suddenly tank, or the drop rate will suddenly increase. Figuring all of that out is a big part of being a goblin, and learning what risks to take when is just a part of it. As I’ve said many times before, even just lurking in the WoW Economy Discord is a great way to pick up some tips and tricks on what to buy – and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!