Weekly Review [Apr7-Apr13]

There are some days where I just don’t feel like posting auctions. In the last year, those days have been pretty rare, but they do occasionally happen. I think it’s important to take breaks when you feel this way, and not feel pressured into continuing on in the same way if you’re not really into it. The slump I’ve felt while waiting for S4 is as good a time as any for a few days off here and there, I figured. The earnings for the week show that, with a weak 7.7 million earned in that time frame. I know, that’s actually a fair amount of gold still for the average player, but it is a few million below my personal average.

Patterns have started picking back up, whether it’s from collectors or people preparing for S4, I’m glad to see the uptick. Another blackrock bulwark made the list – this time for well above my usual average, it sold at 846k. A Tuskarr kite made the list too, which is great because for a while there the price had been incredibly low as Blizzard was just giving them away.

A small number of pets sold this round, but that’s probably because I need to restock and level up a few more. Armored Vaultbot, Jadefire Spirit, and the rare Indigo. I also managed to sell a mageweave bandage manual, I think it was the first time I’ve seen one sell in all the times I’ve listed it. Thank you collectors!

Blizzard just announced that Plunderstorm will be ending on April 30th, and that there’s double reputation gains until then – thank goodness. I’m currently sitting at renown 29, and I feel like I can easily reach 40 before the 30th if I just keep plodding along with my 1 renown a day. In the meantime, I’m hunting for my final LW recipe (it’s going for 1.9 million gold, and I’m reluctant to spend it in case Blizzard returns it in the future) hoping to catch it on a snipe. Aside from that, things are quiet.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Gold Making Review [Mar31-Apr6]

Sales are still happening, but honestly I think a lot of people are stocking up and preparing for S4 which begins on April 23rd. This week saw a lot of big ticket items (NLA shirts, a lot of high end transmog) and a lot of pets sell, but not as many recipes as I had been seeing in the past. There were far more expensive singular sales (the dots you see all over the charts above) than in previous weeks. Collectors are out in full force, or maybe resellers. It never really matters to me WHO buys the items I sell, as long as I get the price I’m looking for.

I’ve also gotten a few in-game letters from collectors who are looking for a deal if they make multiple purchases. I don’t typically reply to any of these messages, I’m not in a rush to sell and I don’t need to liquidate any assets. Sometimes people mention that they’ve “seen my stuff for sale for a long time” – but I also restock quite frequently, and again, in no rush.

So the waiting game continues, let’s see how things go as we get closer to the start of S4!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Weekly Review [Mar24-Mar30]

It was one of the slowest weeks I’ve had in sales in recent history, but I also didn’t do anything with the AH on Sunday, in the grand scheme of things earning 8.6 million is still not a bad number. It just displays that we are well and truly in the ‘waiting period’ before S4 and actual content returns to World of Warcraft.

There are a lot of rumors flying around right now involving the game, and I think that’s adding to the ‘wait and see’ aspect of things.

Sales this week were a few pieces of high end transmog (two Blackrock Bullwark’s), and a handful of pets. Not many recipes (I actually need to refresh my distribution on those, so it’s probably more to do with me and my stock than anything else) and meanwhile the only ‘game’ time I have besides doing the AH daily is going for my 1 level of renown in Plunderstorm, which I dislike immensely. I dislike that it removes the population and splits them up (more than other versions of the game already do, classic I’m looking at you) and I just don’t enjoy PVP which I have said here a few times now, I know.


Gold making is very slow at this stage. If your numbers are low, don’t be discouraged. Wait for S4 to begin and then things should start picking up.

Weekly Review [Mar17-23]

Well, March isn’t nearly as profitable as February, but things are starting to trend upwards again which is always nice. Plunderstorm (I hate it, there’s a post on it around here somewhere) grinders are completing that and moving on to the next thing, maybe spending some gold here and there. I still really dislike the fact that Plunderstorm takes players OUT of the regular warcraft world (whether it is classic or retail) and puts them in a lobby instead. Splitting the player base EVEN FURTHER is a bad idea. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for. Let’s get back to making gold!

The biggest sellers were my originals – pets and recipes. Transmog moved VERY slowly with only a few moving this week. I do have a bunch of pets I need to get to 25 some time, but the weather has been pretty sporadic and I have been losing power, so I’ve been doing non-online activities (gasp).

Unstable Frostfire belt, Frostfire legguards of preparation, titanic leggings, and steelgrip gauntlets – all of these were popular recipes. The most popular pet this week was the enchanted broom & bush chicken. I always love to see those selling.

Most of my ‘free’ time in game has been spent trying to earn my 1 renown & posting auctions, so I haven’t had a lot of other stuff going on. I’m looking forward to season 4, but things are absolutely in slow mode as far as sales and game play at the moment.

Weekly Wrap Up [Mar3-Mar9]

The TSM ledger is acting a bit oddly ever since leap year happened, so this post is a bit late while I manipulated the display. In any case, the past week was pretty much on par for what I would typically earn in a week – but sales were WAY lower than usual (the number of sales). A lot of high ticket items sold, and I didn’t even break 300 – normally that number is around 1,000.

This week was another winner for transmog, I imagine the collectors are in full force until we get that 10.2.6 patch and some new content. I know the Hearthstone 10th anniversary event is running right now, but I’ve been staying away while the bugs are fixed on NA retail.

I did also have a few pet sales, but these were all under 150,000g in value, my biggest sale for the week was the “Domed Buckler” which went for over a million gold! It’s great when those sporadic transmog items sell. I didn’t see many crafted transmog sales, but I had a handful of lower value ones, and I decided to skip restocking this week. Instead I did some comp stomp across all of my characters and I worked on collecting knowledge on a few slacker crafters that I had. Plus of course I partook in my very first RP event over on Moonguard, which was a LOT of fun. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!