Sales are still happening, but honestly I think a lot of people are stocking up and preparing for S4 which begins on April 23rd. This week saw a lot of big ticket items (NLA shirts, a lot of high end transmog) and a lot of pets sell, but not as many recipes as I had been seeing in the past. There were far more expensive singular sales (the dots you see all over the charts above) than in previous weeks. Collectors are out in full force, or maybe resellers. It never really matters to me WHO buys the items I sell, as long as I get the price I’m looking for.

I’ve also gotten a few in-game letters from collectors who are looking for a deal if they make multiple purchases. I don’t typically reply to any of these messages, I’m not in a rush to sell and I don’t need to liquidate any assets. Sometimes people mention that they’ve “seen my stuff for sale for a long time” – but I also restock quite frequently, and again, in no rush.

So the waiting game continues, let’s see how things go as we get closer to the start of S4!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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