Yesterday I got an email from CCP saying that there was something mysterious going on in the Auviken system, and if we were to turn in some drone graviton emitters, we could help contribute to the development of the new facility, and earn LP (loyalty points) that could then be traded in for a new consortium tractor beam and mobile tractor unit.

Right now these items are going for a LOT of ISK – but I’m not sure I have any interest in trying to collect them right this second. I did fly out to the location, and well, a LOT of PVP has been happening over there, even though it is a high sec area. My concern is that if I try to turn in the parts, I’m more likely going to get killed and have those bits stolen. There were some cargo scanners going off – and while I was as “safe” as I could be (I just headed out in a tiny imicus with nothing important on me for screenshot purposes) I don’t really feel like tempting fate. I’m quite content to let everyone else chase after the new shiny, and I’ll just watch and take screenshots – much more my thing.

The rest of the day was filled with my usual adventures. I scanned down sites, I found a few quiet sections of space with some data/relic adventures, and of course I continued with my industry, and earned a bit over 100m ISK for the day. I had to do some shopping, my Orca was out of booster / compression components, but it was still a pretty nice day. I found one particularly neat looking relic site that was filled with all sorts of space junk floating around – took a lot of screenshots.

Today – shield management V is finally finished! My training queue is sitting at 370 days (hah) just of items that I actually want / make use of. I do have almost 47m SP, but that is just a drop in the bucket. I have nice skills for flying / using what I have but I’ll be chasing that SP train for years still and I’m OK with that. Even though I find the PVP aspect of the game incredibly fast paced and anxiety inducing, the rest of the game is pretty relaxing and low key (minus the constant paranoia that I’m about to get ganked). It’s the weekend, so the skies are filled with players, especially in my little neck of the woods where everyone comes out for the ice belts.

As always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

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