Daily Creative: Goals for 2024

I have some unofficial goals that I’m attempting for 2024, and I thought I’d put them out here so they’re ‘in the world’ for a bit of accountability. They’re not enormous, but I hope it will help further my artistic endevours, especially on days I just don’t feel like it.

  • Knitting/Crochet – 24 in 2024. I want to complete at least 24 projects this year. It doesn’t matter if they’re large projects or small projects. I’ve been focusing on crochet (and keeping a few knitting projects on the side) because I’m eager to learn, but when it comes to yarn, I want at least 24 completed projects. So far I’ve made a handful of amigurumi using parfait chunky yarn, so I think this is a reasonable goal unless something (life) goes drastically sideways.
  • Digital Drawing – 24 in 2024. I want to complete at least 24 digital drawings this year. This goal is MUCH more difficult for me, especially since lately I’ve veered back into traditional art (more on that coming up in a future post). I wanted to do 365 drawings last year and I think I ended the year with a grand total of 5. I need to remind myself that I have to actually make time for art, if I want to art. I’m bad about that.
  • Reading: (I’m sure you saw this coming) 24 books in 2024. I think this is a very reasonable goal, I’m already a few books in. I tend to read in spurts, sometimes I’m very into it, and other weeks not so much. Since I have so many hobbies I rotate through them from month to month. Still, let’s make some time for reading.

As far as creativity goes, those are the goals I hope to achieve. I’ve left them broad and open ended on purpose, with no real direction given in the hopes that I will naturally stumble into activities that complete them over time. We’ll just have to see! What about you, have you set up your creative goals for 2024 yet?

Little Sock Arms (5)

Progress on the sleeves! I have four more repeats of 5 rows then I’m on to the ribbing (then I need to repeat the entire thing for the other sleeve) – once those are done, all that’s left is to finish the yoke and this sweater will be done. If I dedicate a little bit of time for it each day, I’m hoping I can finish it before the end of the month. We’ll just have to see how that goes. Normally I knit in the evenings, but I have been so tired I haven’t had the energy to do too much. My kid is in love with the colours, and she may get a year or two of use out of it I hope before she out grows it, as kids tend to do.

Little Sock Arms (4)

Progress on the sleeves is coming along! I’ve got 7 more rounds of 5 to go, every 5 rows (approx) is a colour change, and then I’ve got the cuff and of course the second sleeve. After that it’s the collar, and then this sweater for my kid will be complete! Hopefully. I’m trying to be better and get at least a few rows done each day. Working with fingering yarn is always a drag on larger projects and I’ve been feeling quite tired so it has been taking me longer than I was hoping.

Little Sock Arms (3)

I’ve got 50 more rows to knit (with a decrease every 5 rows) then I think the first sleeve will just need a ribbed cuff and and it will be completed! I’m looking forward to starting the second sleeve, hopefully this week. After that I believe all that’s left is the yoke / collar, and then this sweater for my kid will be officially completed.

Knitting this is a big deal, because it will actually be my first completed project of 2023. As much as I wanted to do a lot more knitting, life got in the way. Still, it’s better than nothing!